March 09, 2016


Ask anyone that knows me well and they will tell you how much I love sweet treats. Be it a bit of chocolate, a cupcake, a pastry, a tart, anything - I love anything that will satisfy my sugar craving. It's only over the past few years that I've really gotten into baking though, especially since watching The Great British Bake Off and becoming obsessed with Mary Berry.

Until moving in with Mat I didn't really have a baking collection or a good selection of ingredients, I just had a couple of cupcake trays, some flour, sugar and I'd buy anything else as and when I needed it. Recently though I've started quite the collection of ingredients. Our flat is essentially an IKEA flat top to toe and our kitchen is no exception. The best thing about this is definitely the kitchen drawers. They're really deep and I have no issues standing up syrups, juices and anything else needing to be kept upright. (If you're planning a redesign of your kitchen I would so recommend them as they save so much faff having to take things out of cupboards to reach for something tall at the back!) It's having these amazing drawers that has finally spurred me on to get some jars for my ingredients.

Generally in life I reeeally like things to match, but where baking is concerned I don't really mind it being a bit slap-dash and mismatch - I think it adds to the cuteness of it all. It's for this reason that I ventured into TK Maxx for my ingredient storage... The place where nothing quite matches (unless you're lucky). I was able to pick up a load of jars. I got a pack of three 1l jars from a brand called Quattro Stagioni for a bargain £4 and a 1.5l one from them for £2. I also splashed out on some 0.3l Kilner Jars, two blue and two pink, for £2.99 each. I know they're a little more expensive, but who can deny how pretty they are? They were cheaper than I'd seen them for in other shops too, so I don't mind too much. I already had a 2l IKEA jar which I'm currently using for cupcake cases, just because it looks lovely and colourful.

I'm currently nowhere near done with my ingredient storage and I want to make it as organised as possible, potentially venturing into another drawer (Sorry Mat...) at the minute, the storage is as follows;
  • 1.5l - plain flour
  • 1l - self-raising flour, caster sugar, granulated sugar
  • 0.3l - cocoa powder, buckwheat flour, dark muscovado sugar and icing sugar
  • 2l - cupcake cases
Everything else is reasonably loose in the drawer but (in my head) at the minute everything has its place. I'm hoping to get a couple more jars for things like ground almonds, dates, cornflour, golden caster sugar and a few other essentials. I definitely need one for chocolate chips too! For decorations and flavourings I think I'm going to buy some little tins with vintage designs on, also seen in TK Maxx, and I think they'll fit in the drawer quite nicely.

Do you have any handy ways to store your baking ingredients? 

Steph x 

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