July 12, 2015

Getting Back My Blogging Mojo

I've decided I'm not one for blogging advice posts, in fact, one of the reasons I took a step back from blogging is because the blogging environment seemed to become an endless feed of "How To Get More Followers" and "How To Up Your Blogging Game" and I just felt like if I wasn't doing what they said, I wouldn't get very far. Granted, it wasn't the only reason I took a step back, University was getting immensely difficult and I didn't have the ability to make my blog as good as I wanted it - I didn't have the money for products, or a camera decent enough for the images I wanted. But nevertheless, this isn't intended to be an advice post, more me telling you how I got back to blogging. If you can take something from this to get back your own mojo - then I'd be very happy indeed!

My return of blogging motivation may have something to do with finishing University but I think it's got a lot to do with the three things I'm going to share with you below...

My blog still said I was 20, still said I was living in Yorkshire and still said that I was blogging specifically about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I just went in and changed all those things and it immediately felt more fresh and updated. I didn't change my layout much, other than update my bloglovin' button and shift a couple of widgets, but I instantly felt like it was all organised and correct again and that for one made me want to create some new content.

I have always felt like my blog photography isn't where I wanted it to be and for the first year and a half of having my blog I lusted after a DSLR. I was desperate for one and not just for blogging, I love taking photos and wanted to be able to just take some great, high quality photos whenever I went anywhere that warranted capturing the memory. I was lucky enough to be gifted a Canon EOS 1200D for Christmas last year and because I'd been out of the blogging game for so long I didn't think to experiment with it for my blog for a while, other than a few posts using it initially. I kinda think that was a good thing, as through using my camera out and about I've now learnt what all the settings mean and how to make use of lighting and angles. So last week, when I attempted taking some photos of some eye make up and they turned out to be everything I'd wanted, it's safe to say I got back every bit of motivation I'd lost and was taking photos of every eye look/lipstick/product I owned... (Not really, but you get the idea!) I know that this isn't possible for some people and new cameras are expensive, but if you can't afford one, try spicing up your photography backgrounds and playing with different angles!

Now again, not everyone can afford to splash out on new high end products and were it not for me having been to America and setting aside that "holiday spending money" I wouldn't have had anything high end and new for quite some time, but even just buying some new drug store releases - something that sparks the reason you love writing about what you write about - can get your excitement levels to where they were when you first started your blog. Well, it did for me! This can be applied to whatever you blog about, be it fashion, gaming, TV, film, crafts, sewing, whatever! I found that it took me to buy a beautiful new bareMinerals foundation to remember why I started blogging and to once again feel that passion that I wanted to share with the beauty community.

I'm so glad to be back and didn't realised how much I missed the feeling of publishing something you're proud of.

S x

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