July 06, 2015

bareMinerals Original Foundation in Fairly Light and Beautiful Finish Brush (20th Anniversary Collector's Edition!)

I first tried bareMinerals Original Foundation back in 2012 when I first started really getting into make up. I had the bareMinerals Get Started Kit, which although was a couple of shades too dark, I fell in love with and used until there was nothing left. I then tried the bareMinerals READY foundation, the pressed powder version of the original and got on with it so so - the finish wasn't as I'd previously experienced with the Original Foundation and I just didn't find the right brush for applying it. So, when deciding that I would essentially buy a new, full-face of make up in America, I just knew that whilst I had a bit of extra cash (and whilst the dollar-gbp rate was decent), I needed to go back to that bareMinerals foundation as it's honestly the best I've ever tried. 

So first up, this isn't your average bareMinerals Original Foundation - it's the 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition. This set was $38 (as opposed to $28 (£26) for the Original Foundation on its own) and includes their new Beautiful Finish Brush as well as the foundation. The inclusion of a brush is something that I think is great, because I do think you need one of bareMinerals own brushes to apply this foundation with (but if you've found one that works as well, let me know!).

The packaging. Oh my. The packaging. I've not seen packaging this beautiful in a long time. I am obsessed with glitter and sparkles so this is right up my street and the little box the set comes in is perfect for storage, whether it be lipsticks of even just bits and bobs. The collector's edition foundation packaging is the same as the original, except it has a far more beautiful lid and it a little heavier. But nevertheless, the concept of twisting to open and the inner plastic of the lid is all the same. bareMinerals suggest that you tip some product into the lid and dip your brush into there. Justina in Sephora at the Florida Mall told me also that you should always tap your brush on the side with the bristles all facing upwards so that the mineral foundation goes into the brush and doesn't go everywhere else - I really like that tip!

The product is as I remembered. A loose powder, mineral foundation that gives a beautiful, sheer, even coverage when applied in a swirling motion with the bareMinerals Beautiful Finish Brush (also with the Full Flawless Face Brush!). I apply this foundation over the bareMinerals Brightening Prime Time primer and it lasts as it says; around 8 hours until it starts to wear off on the edges of my face and nose. I also think that the brush makes this foundation what it is. The Beautiful Finish Brush is an odd concept to me; short and dense in the middle, long and sparse on the outside..? Yet it works. It works perfectly. It's so soft and the density of the inner part of the brush really helps with coverage while the longer, more sparse fibres create that flawless, even look.

I find it incredible how flawless and glowing this foundation can make the skin look, particularly with it being a powder. In my head, powders look cakey and cling to all those little blonde hairs on your face. But no, not this one. It's too beautiful. I'm still in awe. The coverage is buildable too *angel choir sings* and I also like to use this as a concealer, as like I said, it doesn't cake and evens tone really well. 

So this is what it looks like on! This is using Prime Time all over my face with bareMinerals Original Foundation in Fairly Light all over my face, as well as over blemishes and dark circles under my eyes. I've included two pretty close up shots so you can see the finish better. You can see that my skin tone is completely evened out and there are no patches or fluffy hair patches!

You can purchase bareMinerals Original Foundation here for £26 or at your local Boots or department store. If you're after the Collector's Edition, I would highly recommend it and you can purchase it at Sephora for $38 (with the current exchange rate making that £25!) now!

Have you tried this foundation or any other loose powder foundations? I really would love to read your comments!

S x 

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  1. Wow this is a really lovely foundation and has a nice natural finish too. The packaging is also so pretty! I have tried the compact powder foundation from bare minerals but didn't get along with it, maybe I should give the loose powder a try!
    Bella x | Miss Bella blogs


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