January 05, 2015


Every time I mention the fact that I want to lose weight and/or become a bit fitter, a response of "But you're already skinny!" or "You're perfect as you are!" is not uncommon. I mean, I appreciate comments like this from my family, friends and boyfriend, but at the same time, they don't stop me feeling sluggish and a little chubby here and there. New Year's Resolution cliché time...

I know that with regards to my weight and the way I look and feel, things could be a lot worse. What I mean is that I am a 5"4 size 10/12 and I appreciate is far from what is regularly described as "big" in the eyes of the world. However, when you're used to seeing a figure almost a stone lighter on the scales and have always been a size 6/8, there is obviously going to be a desire to get back to where you were. Please tell me that it is okay to feel like this?

I feel that this gets my point across somewhat bluntly... (sorry for the bad quality!)

I eat terribly. My evening meals aren't bad and I would say are somewhat healthy. The same goes for my breakfast and actually my lunch. But I can snack and snack and snack. I am a chocoholic. When I go for the cookie jar, I can't just take one. In restaurants, the phrase "extra stomach for dessert" doesn't go unused. You get the picture! Me + sugar = a (slightly too) regular combination.

It's this bad habit of regularly indulging in sugary treats that has led me to gain over a stone in two years and go up two sizes in my jeans. I know, I know, a stone isn't that bad and some people struggle with their weight much more than I do, but I want to lose it. I want to ditch the bad habits and get healthy. If I carry on at this weight, I'll be far heavier than I am now. Again, that't not me saying that to be a little heavier would be a bad thing, nor that there is something wrong with being a size 10/12/+. For me, it's about how I feel when I look down at my tummy, my hips, my upper arms and my bum. It's purely my own fault that I am overindulging and eating things I shouldn't and if that means that when I see photos of myself in a bikini, I feel let down, I will work towards changing that.

I'm struggling to type this without feeling that I am going to offend someone down the line. That is not my aim. I'm a girl that wants to be at my best and my best was two and a half year ago, at whatever size I was back then. That doesn't mean that your best, which is likely to be different, may be my "now" or may be bigger than my "now", is something I would look down on. Never think that. Everyone is beautiful and I truly believe that. I also believe that everyone should feel it and it's up to you to make that happen.

Another reason I want to trim up is because it's healthy. Putting natural foods into your body is healthy and exercising regularly is healthy. I want to partake in regular exercise so that in my 60s I can still share long walks with my partner and be able to run around the garden with my grandchildren. As I science student, I also learn a lot about what your diet can do with regards to your lifespan. I want to prolong my life for as long as possible and I fully realise that in order to do that, being healthier needs to be a priority.

So over the next few months, who knows, maybe even a year, expect to see my progress. I guess I am kinda doing it for me as a way of looking back over what I've achieved over time, but also for all you "regular people" that want the same as me. I'm not a supermodel. I will never have abs like Kendall Jenner. But I want to prove everyone wrong with their assumptions of "Steph doesn't do sport" and "lol Steph running? That would be a sight" and I will. I'm not going to do posts filled with before and after photographs, just some "What I've Been Eating" and "My Gym Progress" posts ever now and then. Is that a good idea? Next week I am joining the gym and starting (and including) today I'm cutting out the crap. Bye bye processed food! (insert waving emoji) I must admit, this isn't me saying goodbye to chocolate forever, but our relationship is going to become far more long distance.

I'm going to get healthier.

Here is also a good point to ask, where do I start with gym attire? Hit me up with suggestions!

I hope that you enjoyed this slightly more personal post and do understand where I am coming from.

Let me know what you think!

Love, Steph xxxx


  1. Good luck on your journey, I'm about to embark on the same as you. Tomorrow is my first gym day, and I got most of my gym stuff from Pineapple in Debenhams, but Primark have some gorge new gym clothes in right now. Great post!
    Tanya | Glamour. Glitter. Gloss.

    1. Thank you Tanya! You too! We can do this! :) Ooh thanks for the recommendation - I will check them out. My Mum exercises in Pineapple but I had forgotten all about it. Good luck lovely :) xxx

  2. This is such a great post, and it makes me feel so inspired! I understand completely how you feel and good luck on your journey! xx

    1. Aww thank you Bridget!! I am so pleased :) you've made my day! xxx


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