January 07, 2015


Ahh, Ted Baker. I actually think that Ted Baker is my favourite brand. I got my first bag of theirs three years ago as a Christmas present and still use it to this day. Not to mention the fact that I have 3 or 4 of their make up bags. I constantly enter department stores and lust after every single item in their handbag range, but at £100+, I just can never afford one.

So imagine my excitement when I step into the Ted Baker store in Heathrow departures and see this beautiful Ted Baker Savanah Handbag for just £45. Yes, you heard me right. With an RRP of £109, this baby had over 50% off and it is honestly the bag of my dreams. JUST LOOK AT IT! I adore black patent so this ticks all the boxes. It has a small stiff handle on top for easy carrying as well as a longer, cross body strap. I travel a lot on the train and this is the perfect size to wear alongside my rucksack to carry my purse, tickets and phone.

It is quite structured in design and I doubt that there will ever be any give what with the quilted patent and stiff handle. It also has the most beautiful lining of grey flowers as well as gold detailing. The fastening is two magnetic clasps meaning that as soon as you open it and drop down the flap, it closes itself without any work. I just adore it. Can you tell?

This bag is actually on sale now in some stores stocking Ted Baker (I saw the pink one in House Of Fraser today!) but prices vary everywhere you look. I've managed to find this exact bag at Zalando for those of you after a cheeky splurge, although it's a little pricier than what I paid! You can also buy it at John Lewis for half price.

Do you own your dream bag? Are you like me for lusting after Ted Baker?

Love, Steph xxxx


  1. It is so gorgeous. Love Ted Baker x


    1. Me too! They're range is always so 'me' and I'd have all of it if I could! x

  2. this is gorgeous!


  3. It's so beautiful! I just managed to get my dream bag too. I wasn't quite sure what my dream bag was, or who it was by, but when I saw it it was just perfect. It's a Radley bag and it just suits me to a T. As does yours :)

    Emily x


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