December 26, 2014


Merry Christmas one and all! 

It's been a while since I nurtured my little internet baby, but hello everyone! I hope that you've all had a fabulous day and have been truly and utterly spoilt by Santa. Christmas is one of my favourite times of year, in fact who am I kidding, it is my favourite time of year. There is something about having cosy nights in with the family, endless mince pies and festive Yankee Candles!

I didn't have a post as such planned for this one, but today I received my first DSLR camera and I've been playing around with different settings and taking lots of photos, so I wanted to share just a few and spread the festive cheer.

My Mum actually bought our little doggies some Barbour jackets - I personally think she is mad for doing so but can't deny how adorable they look in them. I mean, look at their little faces. The most pampered pooches you ever did see.