July 04, 2014


In my eyes, three meals a day is not enough. I'm hungry within an hour of a big meal and I'm forever craving chocolate and cake. When I read Rachel's Healthy Snacks post over on handbagsandcupcakes.co.uk I was really eager to try out Slim Fruits. A few tweets back and forth between Rachel and I were noticed by Slim Fruits and I was offered the chance to try them! 
Slim Fruits* are a sugar free, fat free, high fibre jelly pastille who claim that they're the "healthiest sweet on the market!". They aim to provide a convenient source of dietary fibre, giving a suppression of hunger and satisfied feeling. At £1.89 a pack, these little beauties can be purchased from your local Holland & Barrett or Boots.

"Well?" you're asking, "Do they work?" - YES. Slim fruits make you feel as though you've eaten more than just a few jelly pastilles and patch you on until the next meal. There are two flavours available, Peach Melba and Rhubarb & Strawberry. Both are super sweet flavours, which is astonishing considering that they're sugar free. In my opinion, their flavours are yummier than any standard, sugar-filled fruit pastille on the market and they are only 2 calories a piece. The one oddity about these little miracles are their texture. They're extremely difficult to chew but this isn't an issue if, like me, you tend to suck a fruit sweet until there is nothing left to chew anyway!

My favourite has to be Peach Melba - they're fresh and yummy and extremely addictive. 
Slim Fruits are a fabulous contribution to any weight loss regime as they ensure that you maintain a high fibre intake as well as helping you say goodbye to the 4pm hunger pang! They're also great for any conditions that require an increased fibre intake, including the taboo condition of IBS. (Which isn't just a condition where you poop all the time - fyi!)

I would recommend these to anyone, my boyfriend has even started eating them instead of fruit gums as they're just as yummy and a million times better for you.

Let me know if you try them!

Love, Steph xxxx

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  1. Your post has sold me on these! Will be buying a couple of packs first thing tomorrow!


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