July 04, 2014


In my eyes, three meals a day is not enough. I'm hungry within an hour of a big meal and I'm forever craving chocolate and cake. When I read Rachel's Healthy Snacks post over on handbagsandcupcakes.co.uk I was really eager to try out Slim Fruits. A few tweets back and forth between Rachel and I were noticed by Slim Fruits and I was offered the chance to try them! 
Slim Fruits* are a sugar free, fat free, high fibre jelly pastille who claim that they're the "healthiest sweet on the market!". They aim to provide a convenient source of dietary fibre, giving a suppression of hunger and satisfied feeling. At £1.89 a pack, these little beauties can be purchased from your local Holland & Barrett or Boots.

July 02, 2014


My flower crooooown! Oh how I love you! This is the first flower crown I've ever owned and it's up there with my favourites with Summer! I found this little white sun dress in a pile of old clothes. It is from Dorothy Perkins and it still had the tags on. A gorgeous, brand new, white sun dress sat waiting for me in a pile of clothes I had forgotten all about? Yes, you heard it right. I think that I bought this a couple of Summers ago and didn't wear it as it was a little big around my waist and a little see through on the skirt. Well now, a couple of years on, I've got a few more curves and was thrilled when I saw that this fitted perfectly! Yay for forgotten clothes!