June 30, 2014


Next week I am heading to Orlando, Florida and I am soooo excited! It's going to be hot; the freckles will be out, the happy Disney music will be playing - I. CAN. NOT. WAIT. 
Like any other british beauty addict hitting up the US of A, I am ever so slightly excited to be visiting the world of wonders that is, Sephora!!! Unlike the majority of beauty bloggers, I stopped myself from making an order with Sephora when they introduced UK shipping, in order to make myself even more excited for my visit in July (also owing to the fact that I was very poor at the time...). I wanted to make a little wishlist showing you all what I hope to purchase when I am over there!

I just wanted to say that, yes, I realise that these products are available in the UK, but when you consider the exchange rates at the minute, it makes more sense to buy them when I'm away and save loooots of pounds in the process!

1. URBAN DECAY ELECTRIC PALETTE - Now I don't know how much I would use this but I think that it would be brilliant for nights out and spicing up an otherwise plain face! I think that the colours are so pretty and at $49 it's a bargain (£27 with the current exchange rate!)

2. BENEFIT THEY'RE REAL PUSH-UP LINER - This looks incredible and I am so excited to own this! When I saw some of my fave bloggers getting to try it out at one of Benefit's events I was so excited/jealous and knew that I had to have it when it came out! I may well buy the They're Real mascara again when I am out there too! Can't have one and not the other, can I? This retails at $24 (converts to £14)

3. ESTEE LAUDER BRONZE GODDESS POWDER - I just need a new bronzer and I've seen some reviews of this saying that it is a good investment, so why not? $36 (£21!)

4. MAKE UP FOR EVER FULL COVER CONCEALER - If you're a read of Steph's Inside Voice or a follower of my instagram @stephmap you will have seen that I recently bought the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation so obviously I need the concealer to match, right?! $32 what a bargain! (£19)

5. HOURGLASS AMBIENT LIGHTING PALETTE - People seem to have been raving about the ambient lighting powders for a good few months now and at $58 (£34!!!) I literally HAVE to get this!!!! Yes please!!

In total this equates to $199 and £115! That's a saving of £50. HOOHOO! BIG SUMMER BLOW OUT!
Have you tried any of these products? Do you plan your purchases when going on holiday?

Love, Steph xxxx


  1. I have been dying to get my hands on the Hourglass palette. So glad they made it a part of the permanent collection. Xx


  2. Big summer blow out indeed haha! Don't blame you for buying these while you're away, didn't realise how much money you could save!! Really want to try the new Benefit liner too, and the Hourglass palette for £34?! JEL!
    Nicola x (@itsneecola)


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