June 26, 2014


I've been waiting for BarryM to release these beauties. After they released their matte Autumn/Winter shades in 2013 I knew that we were in for a treat come the Spring/Summer. BarryM recently release 7 brand spanking new matte shades in a variety of shades, from their lime green Waikiki to coral pink Copacabana. I put in my every effort not to buy all of the shades in this range and decided to just go with the one, teal blue shade Cancun, along with their new matte topcoat. 
Having previously used the BarryM matte shades in both Burgundy Crush and Vanilla I kind of knew what to expect with this range. The finish of the matte polishes themselves isn't fully matte, there is some shine to the nails but no way near what you get with the Gelly Hi-Shine range. As with all BarryM polishes, I found that two coats was enough to get an opaque covering. I find that the matte polishes dry a little faster than the regular ones and it's great because you can actually see when the coat is dry due to the change in finish. Cancun is the prettiest blue and would look fabulous on the beach!
I already have the Ciaté Matte Topcoat but wanted to get the BarryM one as I have found my Ciaté one to be a little incompatible with some polishes. The BarryM Matte Topcoat is brilliant. It dries really well and doesn't give lines or ridges like I have found can be a problem with some matte polishes.
Yet another fantastic addition to the BarryM nail polish family, go out and grab it! £3.99 for colours and £2.99 for the topcoat!
Have you tried them?
Love, Steph xxxx

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  1. I haven't tried the Spring/Summer shades but I've tried the Autumn/Winter ones and even though they are lovely shades I find the the matte finish only lasts for a few days which is a shame. x



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