May 09, 2014

TGI Friday's #BurgerBlindDate

When TGI Friday's emailed me last week regarding an event they were holding to promote their new menus, I was so excited. Burgers. Cocktails. Yum.

The only information we were really given as that the event was a Burger Blind Date. We were told that we would be given descriptions for a number of "contestants", in this case the burgers, and we would meat (top marks for the pun) our perfect match!

When we arrived at TGI's we were greeted by two of the Social Media team from TGI Friday's and the plan for the evening was explained to us. We were invited to order a burger and two drinks over the course of the night, completely on the house. Myself and my housemate, Meera, headed straight to the bar and greeted by the smartly attired bar men. Instead of choosing a cocktail directly from the menu, the bar men invited us to describe our taste when it came to delicious alcoholic beverages; I was made a Haymarket and Meera a Bramble. They were super yummy and my Haymarket was fabulously decorated!

We later were invited to take a seat at our table and we were handed the menu describing each of the contestants. We were seating with the lovely India from and Nicol from and their guests for the evening! The photographer for the evening also introduced himself to us all and explained that as our burgers arrived we would have our #BurgerFace photo taken, so that that first-bite experience could be captured and all the photos would then be entered into a draw, with the best #BurgerFace winning a prize a few days later!

After considering the contestants, Meera and I chose two different burgers and decided that we would have half of two contestants each - then making our decision on which we preferred. 

The burgers arrived after some good, flowing conversation and they were a sight for sore eyes. The two we chose were topped with some delicious relishes, cheeses, salads and we didn't look back on our choices, not even once! We also got some bacon-topped fries as a side - I didn't manage to finish mine as I managed to spend so long eating the burgers that they went a tad cold! It's safe to say that the burgers were indeed yummy and you really need to look out for these on the menu next time you're in TGI Friday's! We both decided that we liked the french option the best - a lovely beef burger topped with fried onions, cheese and garlic mayonnaise, not overly fancy but delicious nevertheless.

After stuffing ourselves almost to the brim we made a little trip to the bar, where I grabbed my second free cocktail! The bartenders offered to make up a drink that matched my blog and my style. I asked Meera to come up with a short description of my blog and in the end the bartenders came up with a Passionfruit Mojito! They said it was full of "passion" fruit as I am clearly very passionate about my blog, lots of sugar as Meera described my writing-style as "sweet" and as they hadn't made a Passionfruit Mojito before they said that it was in keeping with the ever-changing style of my blog, new and fresh (the zesty limes also added to the freshness!). 

Just appreciate the size!
After finishing my ultimate cocktail, made by the fabulous Elliot, we headed home, feeling very content and happy after a fantastic event.

The burgers in TGI's really are some to look out for! I feel that over the past few years TGI Friday's in the UK have really upped their game and the #BurgerBlindDate event was a clear example of that. I can't wait for my next visit!

Thank you to all the staff at the Trinity Leeds TGI Friday's for being so wonderful, particularly our waitress Alex and bartender Elliot, not forgetting Tom from the Social Media team for being so welcoming!

Oh and a little tip for you all - if you fancy a surprise next time you visit TGI's...simply say "A Jack, please" to your waiter/waitress, I can guarantee that you'll be in for a treat.

Love, Steph xxxx

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  1. This sounds like my perfect night! Burgers and cocktails, what more could you ask for!? haha xxx

    Sarah Speaks


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