May 15, 2014

NV Colour: Nail Polishes

NV Colour is a relatively new brand set to set the cosmetics industry by storm. With their simple yet chic packaging rivalling the likes of MAC and Illamasqua, they're on track to becoming the high street and nation's favourite. Currently online available online, NV Colour ask you to "join the makeup revolution" as they offer up everything from eye crayons to nail polishes. 

NV Colour are currently focusing on building relationships with bloggers and the online beauty community, including the likes of Pixiwoo. Sam used one of their shadows in one of her recent tutorials which also featured products by Urban Decay and Kiko. When NV asked if there was anything I would like to try, I jumped at the chance to give their nail polishes* a good all know I'm a sucker for some pretty nail colours...

NV's nail polishes range from neon brights to beautiful basics and I gave no preference when asked what I'd like to try as to be quite honest, I will wear anything and I love all their colours! I was sent the colours Lagoon, Blue Monday and Pink Shock Neon, which as expected I fell in love with. They're all colours that are perfect for the summer and really wearable, even though bright.

The formulation of the nail polishes, without a doubt, is the best I have ever come across. They dry perfectly and getting an even coat is made easy with the not-too-thin brush size. Full opacity is reached after just two coats and they last for days! There wasn't a chip in sight.

I am sure that you can see from the photos that the packaging has that simple and sophisticated look about it. 

Do you like the look of NV Colour Cosmetics? I wouldn't be surprised if they make an appearance on your high street over the next year or so...

Big things to come! I can feel it!

At only £3.50 a pop, these are definitely something to treat yourself to.

You can find photos of my wearing the polishes on my Instagram (@stephmap).

Love, Steph xxxx

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