May 17, 2014

Getting Personal With Mr Nutcase: Custom iPhone Case

Just like almost every other iPhone is my best friend. (You know what, I nearly just said "like every other teenager" and then I realised that I'm twenty....that's depressing isn't it?) I change the case on it all the time but tend to just buy them in the New Look sale or from eBay for a couple of pounds. 

Mr Nutcase is an online store that specialises in mobile phone cases. As well as having pre-made collections and designs they also allow you to design your own cases. From the colour, to the text and the photos - it's all up to you!

I had seen the lovely Sarah review a Mr Nutcase case on her blog so I was thrilled when they asked me to give one a try! 

I decided to go for a custom iPhone case*. I was able to choose the colour from, no joke, every colour in the spectrum and I chose to make a design from my own photos too. Uploading your photos was easy and you could even zoom in and position them however you wanted once they were uploaded to the site. There were a variety of text options available but I wanted to go quite basic seeing as my design is quite bold and fancy. I chose "Live, laugh and love" because I like it even though it's a tad cliché! All of the photos are from my Summer last year and that phrase outlines those times perfectly.

The delivery time was so speedy and the quality of the case is fantastic. It has a matte finish so there won't be any annoying scratches. It's kinda like the print is part of the case rather than stuck on if that makes sense... 

Overall I'm really impressed with the quality and service of Mr Nutcase and wish I'd have done my research and invested in a personalised case sooner! It's lovely looking at all the photos and thinking about the memories behind them.

Also - you can currently get 10% off at Mr Nutcase with the discount code "Thanku10" - grab your custom iPhone case asap!

Do check out Mr Nutcase and let me know what you think.

Love, Steph xxxx

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  1. Awww I love it! So cute and love the little quote :D. I'm glad Mr Nutcase got in touch with you, they're great cases! xxx
    Sarah Speaks


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