April 07, 2014

ghd Pastel Collection

ghd release beautiful collections and limited editions rather often, but when I saw that they were releasing a pastel collection I was eeeeever so slightly overwhelmed. Pastel is my favourite trend yet. I find myself accessorising everything I wear with my mint green mini satchel and pepperminty nail polish. 

I loved the look of this collection but as I had some black and gold ghds already I hadn't even considered purchasing any of them. Then, back in February, my birthday hit and my parents surprised me with this glorious ghd IV jade styler - all for me! Safe to say that the black and gold set have been set aside as a travel pair. This set looks so pretty sat on my dressing table. 

It goes without saying that they glide through your hair and straighten it perfectly. They're brilliant and I just can't get over how pretty they are!

The collection is available in jade, periwinkle and lavender. Which is your favourite? They're currently 10% off if you fancy a treat!

Love, Steph xxxx


  1. Arghhh I love them so much. My whole room is different shades of green and these would look so perfect in there! I'm jealous haha xxx

    Sarah Speaks

    1. They're so beautiful! I was in awe when I opened the box! Just splurge! Ya know you wanna xxxx

  2. I would love a pair of the Lavender ones. I have had my black and gold ones for four and half years and I would gladly invest in one of these gorgeous pairs!


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