April 06, 2014

Company Style Blogger Awards Nomination

My blogging journey started on the 5th June 2013. I started my blog after reading so many for such a long time and falling in love with the fashion and beauty community. I started out with beauty reviews and favourites etc, but soon after found my feet in fashion posts. From OOTDs to trend previews, I love writing fashion posts as they're just another way of expressing myself over the web, showing you a little more of me. 

When I heard about the Company Style Blogger Awards I got very excited. To think that it was possible to achieve an award for doing something I love after having only done it for a year? That's sooooo cool. 

To nominate me, it just takes a few simple clicks and a wee bit of typing and you're done. So if you read my blog and enjoy my posts, or if you're just feeling nice, please go ahead and click this link, popping my URL in your nomination box!

To be nominated for Best Personal Style Blog - Newcomer, would be fantastic. I love sharing my style with all my little internet friends and appreciate each and every comment/like/share/retweet/favourite it brings! So if you have a spare minute, please do vote here! (Make sure you click select a nomination for the newcomer award!)

Nomination or not, thank you very much blogosphere - I love you long time!

Love, Steph xxxx

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