April 06, 2014

Advice For My Younger Self: Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

Everyone looks back at old photos and cringes, right?! Today was spent majorly procrastinating and some of that procrastination involved browsing my iPhoto and revisiting the "good" old days. I thought I'd give my younger self some advice. I love seeing these kind of posts and who doesn't love stalking people's photos to see how people have changed over the years?! Or is that just me? *cringes*

Quit the cringey poses.
This goes for just about every photo you will see in this post. I was so keen with the selfies, even more so than I am now and if you follow my instagram you'll see what an achievement that must be. 

Stop layering your hair.
I was the queen of layering my hair. The shorter, the better. it got to the point that my hair was virtually a bob with long, extension-like strands hanging below. They didn't even flow into each other, just random short bits. Gaaaaaaah! Also the fringe - I got one random short bit of hair cut in and claimed it was a fringe. See proof below.

Easy on the beads.
Claire's Accessories was my best friend. I loooooved beads, all colours, all lengths, half tight around my neck and half loose.

Stop collecting headbands.
Steph, all you're going to do with those bloomin' headbands is throw them away in six years time. I had about 40 headbands, different patterns and different thicknesses. If you bare in mind that each was minimum £1 a piece, I wasted so much money. Can you imagine stiff headbands coming back into fashion? I bet they will soon, just wait - I'll regret throwing them away! However, for now, I will look back and cringe.

Tone down the eyeliner.
Liquid liner and liner on the water line can look very glamorous if applied well. At 13/14/15, I hadn't quite got the hang of eyeliner and how to wear it best, I kind of just drew it on and thought the blacker the better. I never went full goth with my liner but it wasn't great, was it?

Things will work out in the end.
I've been with Mathew for two years, but I had a major crush on him when I was 11 and never thought we'd happen. It took a lot of time, but we did, so I should've just chilled. 

Well there you have my advice to my younger self! What do you think to the selfies?! Were you the same as me?

Love, Steph xxxx


  1. Great post! I was the same way with Claires,I used to get all my stuff from there.Agreed with you on the poses too haha.xx


    1. Haha, I think we all used to back in the day! My poses were just hilarious, more hilarious than they are now xx

  2. Haha I love this post. I was reading this and was like...yep had too many headbands, yet head too many bead necklaces hahaha.

    Hannah xxx

  3. I did a similar post, just without the photos, I can't bare to look at them haha. Think we have all made some awful mistakes, but to me you look gorgeous in every photo!

    Belle ♥
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