March 03, 2014

Boohoo SS14 Trend Preview

I have never been more excited for new trends to come in. Since my entrance into the blogging world last Summer I've become even more obsessed with fashion than I was before and recently I am seeing so much more styling potential in clothes, from stores that I would never have normally purchased from. If you hadn't already realised from previous posts of mine (for example this one and this one!), I'm a huge fan of You can imagine my excitement when they sent me their trend preview images. I strongly recommend that you all of you fashion fans keep on reading...

1. ART NOISE. I'm a huge monochrome fan as it is such an easy trend to wear and it bobs in and out of the limelight so often that you can spend a lot of money on it knowing that you won't regret it in a months time. Definitely excited to see this styled over the coming months.

2. CHALK PASTELS. Now this is already my favourite of the SS14 trend preview. I am already loving pastels and they can add a pop of colour to the most simplest of outfits. Layering pastels is also something that I'm really excited about, particularly for Spring. BLAH BLAH linked me to this post this other day and it showed just how truly versatile and beautiful pastels can be.

3. FLASHMOD. Now this is a trend that I think that I will try and approach through the two above trends...if that makes any sense whatsoever... I kinda like the idea of mixing monochrome prints with plain pastel shirts and accessories. Clashing prints came in a little last Summer and I think that it will be bolder than ever this year. 

4. FLORAL EXPLOSION. EEEE I love floral prints! I must admit that the floral print trend is becoming a little less traditional but I'm attempting to embrace it with open arms! This floral explosion could be made either edgy or feminine depending on how you style it and again, I can't wait to see how people wear this through the coming season.
5. LA BOHEME. I'm not too sure how I feel about this one. I just think that it isn't very me. But then again, I once thought that about crop tops and pastels and look at me now. For darker skin tones I think that this will look very Scherzinger-glam but I think for us paler redheads it will need a tad more work.

6. MARITIME. Again, a trend that pops in and out of fashion at the drop of a hat. Bomber jackets are back and they're hotter than ever, not to mention dog-tooth trends. I'm loving both. Especially the fact that my dog tooth skater skirt matches the description of this trend preview perfectly. 

7. REVIVAL. If someone told me four years ago that when I was 20 I'd be in bed at night imagining myself repurchasing some of types of clothes my mum wore when I was 7 years old, I'd have told you to stop being so stupid and to sort yourself out. Yet here I am, crushing on strappy crop tops and wearing scrunchies in Summer. I can't wait for this trend to make its mark and for us to look back in ten years in amazement that this even happened.

What do you think to the trend previews? You can see Boohoo's Stylefix page here!

Love, Steph xxxx

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