February 22, 2014

Decléor Hydra Floral BB Cream in Natural

In January I visited Aqua Sana Spa in Center Parcs, Sherwood Forest and as always it didn't disappoint. I went with my mum, auntie and cousin and we had a fantastic time. At the spa, they put on what they call "Spa Seminars" where you can sit and relax whilst learning about a brand and their products. I've attended one of these once before and it was all about Elemis products, however on this occasion we were taught about Decléor - a skincare brand that I had loved the sound of but never invested in...until that day in January...

This gorgeous Hydra Floral BB Cream was the last product we tried at the seminar and all of us girls fell in love with it. This is quite a thick cream with only a light coverage but the effect it has on the skin is wonderful. As I said, its coverage is only very light but it adds such a glow and radiance to your skin that blemishes become much less noticeable and skin honestly looks like you've had a facial. As for its skincare qualities, all I can say is that it's divine. This cream comes from the Hydra Floral range by Decléor, renowned for its ability to capture, diffuse and lock in in moisture all day. It doesn't disappoint.
The scent of this cream is most definitely floral, so not great if you're not a huge fan of scented products, but personally I love it. It also has a really fresh element and its aroma really stays put throughout the day. I'm a major sufferer of dry skin through this colder weather, particularly on my face and hands and this little beauty has really helped with this. It doesn't cling to dry patches, it just improves them drastically. I'm not complaining!
The packaging is also really cute. It's really elegant and simple, much like all of Decléor's range. I must also mention that this is also SPF 15 - a must for holidays. I bought the shade medium which is a little darker than my skin tone, but I like BB creams and foundations to be a little warm anyway.
At £29 for a 40ml tube, it's quite a heft purchase but there is no looking back for me and my mum. We love it and it gives such a nice feeling and look to the skin as well as tackling the role of an every day moisturiser.
I must also mention the fantastic customer service I have received from Decléor. When at the spa I also bought their Aroma Cleanse Cleanser and Toner duo and had some real issue with it drying out my skin, making me very itchy and causing super huge spots on my chin. I tweeted Decléor and as advised, called them. They have sorted me out with a freepost address to send my unsuitable products back to and are sending me a replacement with products that will match my skin a little better. Thank you Decléor for giving me what has perhaps been my best customer service experience to date.
Have you tried any Decléor products? are you a fan of the Hydra Floral range?
Lots of love, Steph xxxx


  1. The Hydra Floral Range is amazing - so moisturising and makes your skin very smooth. I also absolutely love the Aromessence products and in my opinion Decléor has some of the best oils you can get :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. Yeah I have one of their oils on order actually! Soooo excited, it all smells so good xx


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