January 28, 2014

Window Shopping Led Me To A Wishlist

When shopping in Leeds for some new stationary, I couldn't help but wander into Boots and Harvey Nichols (How often do I say that?!) and take a look at all the products that I wish I could buy. It's only a teeny wishlist but it's an expensive one and I wanted to share it with my fellow beauty lovers.

Definitely my current most wanted product! Em from emtalks.co.uk raves about this constantly and today I tried it on my hand and fell in love. Usually when I try something on the back of my hand I'm a tad let down/don't really see what the product at its full potential but I really could see a difference with this. It actually makes me excited thinking about the fact I will own this at some point!

Like I'm not sure what this is actually meant to be...as stupid as that may sound. I just want a nice setting powder that has a colour to it and one that will really work. This looks like it will and everyone raves about it, so I feel like I need to give it a whirl!

I just love pink at the minute, particularly on my cheeks and this blush from Benefit looks so pretty. I want it soooo bad! I smelled it today in the shop and it smells beautiful. Ahh. Gimme!

A full, opaque baby pink colour that would look soooo Kendall Jenner on my nails now that they're all long! I can't find a dupe of this anywhere, however this might just be me not looking hard enough so let me know if you've seen one! Can't justify the £7.99 just yet.

I also really want to try the Revlon Matte Balms but I can't find a good stock photo of them anywhere!

Have you tried any of these products? Will I like them?

Love Steph xxxx

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