January 03, 2014

MAC Nail Lacquer - Mean & Green

So in November, after lots of advertising and meeting random people, we finally got a new housemate in our little house in Leeds! She is lovely and we couldn't have asked for a better housemate. When I got home for Christmas, I got a text from her asking for my home address so I sent it to her and waited to find out why she needed it! Just under a week later, a lovely little package arrived through my front door. A lovely christmas/thank you card and a stunning Mac nail polish all for me!

I couldn't not share this shade with you. It's called Mean & Green and it's so pretty. Its rather festive I feel but not overly so, I can feel this seeing me well into the winter. It needs a good few coats but the end result is beautiful and worth the wait. 

Bad focus but I wanted to show you all the colours it reflects!

What do you think to it? I'm so impressed. It's my first Mac nail lacquer and it's so pretty, you get plenty in the bottle too! When on your nails it glimmers all sorts of colours, from greens, to oranges, reds and pinks! It's a pearl shade but reminds me of an oil-on-water kinda look! Thank you, Roxy!


Love Steph xxxx


  1. That is such a lovely thing to do! Your housemate did gooood, this colour is gorgeous. I love how it looks different in the light - love love love it.

    I haven't tried a MAC nail polish yet, but I think I neeeeeed to!

    Loves xo

  2. I'm not the biggest fan of greenish colours but this shade is lovely, its really different :) I like nail polishes like this, ones that look different in different lights.

    Katelyn -


  3. I didn't even know MAC sold nail polish! cool color!


  4. Such a pretty color, I love those kind of nail polishes that depend on the light they look different.

    Mirisweet! xX

  5. That's such a lovely thing for your new flatmate to do, it's also a lovely colour!

    Laura (:

  6. Awww how lovely of your new housemate!! That shade is stunning and your nails are soo gorge!!

    Kate | Raspberry Cheeks

  7. This nail polish looks fab! xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  8. that colour is so gorgeous, and i think it really suites you xx


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