December 23, 2013

My Skin and ZenMed DermCare

It's a known fact amongst my friends and family that I'm constantly itching my legs and moaning about how painful and irritated they are. I can't shave them without the feeling that I need to rip them from my body and no matter which method of hair removal I use the story is always the same. I've even tried not shaving my legs for over 2 weeks (I KNOW! SO NOT ME!) but nothing changed. The itchiness stuck around and I couldn't quite fathom it.

After a year of scratching so much that I could sometimes make my calves bleed without realising - all be it only tiny grazes -  I showed my legs to my best friend and she said that it looked a lot like I had eczema. I have never really suffered with eczema. I have one patch around an inch wide on my upper left arm and that is literally it! But my legs seem to be completely different to the rest of my body, particularly since starting university.

I started following ZenMed on instagram purely by chance! I think it had been on my news that someone had liked their photo or something, I'm not really sure. But anyway, I had a browse of their instagram and website and found that they are an american company specialising in skincare. They mainly focus themselves on treating acne, rosecea, scars and eczema. So basically, I was browsing their instagram and came across a photo of some of their products. I commented, asking them what eczema products they had on offer. After a couple of comments back and forth, which then led to emails, I explained my problems to ZenMed and they kindly offered me some of their DermCare range to try! I was BEYOND excited! One step closer to no itchiness. The DermCare system is recommended for;
  • Small children suffering from various forms of skin hypersensitivity and pediatric Eczema.
  • People suffering from skin conditions like Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Sebhorrhaic Dermatitis.
  • People with reactive, generally hypersensitive or extremely dry skin.
  • Anyone looking for naturally-based, ultra-gentle skincare with no scents, dyes or irritants.
Sounded perfect for me!

My ZenMed products arrived just a few weeks later, which was in September, and I began using them from the moment they arrived through the door. I always planned to give it a while before reviewing these products, because with skincare products you don't often get an instant result. I didn't mean for there to be this much of a delay in my review - but here it is, better late than never.

The Packaging

Straight to the point, professional and clean. No screw cap lids so very easy to open and close, although after a few months of use, and nearing the end of the bottle, the squeezy pump has become a tad clogged, possibly due to not being closed properly

The Product

The DermCare Cleanser reminds me a lot of Nivea's In Shower Skin Conditioner in that you apply it whilst your skin is wet and pat your skin dry after use. It leaves you feeling somewhat moisturised when you emerge from the shower, but it can be difficult to rub into your skin as it is quite thin and easy to lose down the drain! The DermCare Lotion is reasonably thick for a lotion and very easily absorbed. It doesn't smell of a thing which I like, I often think that scents can be used to mask the fact that the product isn;t achieving much, but ZenMed products show, both with their packaging and their scent; they're all about the product and the product only.

The Result

The Cleanser didn't feel like it was doing much at first, but after just a weeks worth of use my skin felt less irritated after shaving and general showering. The Lotion, however, was instantly soothing. As soon as I felt/feel an itch, I applied/apply it all over the irritated area and wait for the result. My legs now are softer, less itchy and far far prettier due to the lack of scratching-induced grazes.

Would I purchase this? 

At a current retail price of £34, I definitely would. It's worked wonders for me, not only soothing my eczema, but boosting my confidence too.

I want to thank ZenMed so much for giving me the chance to try their wonderful products. I'm absolutely gutted to be coming to the end of my cleanser and lotion and I'm trying to scrape out as much of them as I can before I say goodbye! I can't recommend ZenMed enough and if you have any issues with your skin, they should be your first point of call, without a doubt.

Lots of love, Steph xxxx

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