December 10, 2013

Boohoo Christmas Wishlist

Boohoo has necome my favourite online clothing store. They literally have everything I could ever want (clohtes-wise) and at such reasonable prices! Their stock is so pretty and I find their sizings really accurate, I can always trust things I buy from Boohoo to fit me, not worrying about returns at all. 

Last week when their had their Cyber Monday 25% off sale, I trawled through their website all day and I found some hot picks (posts to follow) but for now I wanted to show you all of the things I wanted to buy - but just couldn't afford this time!

1. Nikki Sleeveless Peplum Dress - £10
I just love how stylish yet affordable peplum-style clothes are. They look so effective and glam and it's virtually no effort to pull them off as accessories can be kept to a minimum! They're also very figure flattering for almost anyone. The purple colour is just gorgeous too.

This is just such a glam dress! I love the detailing on it and I think that the diagonal patterning is super slimming. I like the metallic as I think it's really in this time of year, all festive and that!

Basically, I'm obsessed with jumpers! I love contrast too. I chose the Stone and Navy coloured one for this wishlist but I love all of the colours and would wear them all equally! So cosy and warm and chunky and snug and OMG LOVE JUMPERS. 

I never expected to be into this tartan trend but I've welcomed it with open arms and I think you could say that I am somewhat obsessed with it at the minute. I already have a skirt and leggings and a dress would be amazing. I also really like collar detail too!

I love long sleeved chiffon collared shirts so this top ticks all of the boxes. The detailing makes it feel really festive and it would be prefect with some tight jeans and chelsea boots.

I bought a skort the other day and it's safe to say that it's one of my favourite pieces of clothing now. The way the size 10 pair from Boohoo fit me is perfect. Shorts can often be really tight around my thighs (sad face) but these aren't at all and make my legs feel super long and thin! A must if you're usually very self-conscious of your legs! The glitter is so festive.

I've never really been into knee high boots but I wear a lot of skirts and tights now, rather than jeans, and I think that they'd maybe suit me a little more than they would have a couple of years ago. I think that the dark brown colour is really versatile and would fit into my wardrobe really easily.

NOW THIS IS A BARGAIN! Just look at it....FOR £20! It's just gorgeous. I have a full leather (fake of course) biker jacket that I bought in Miss Selfridge a couple of years ago and I'd just love to have this one. I might treat myself to it with some Christmas money - if I get any this year haha!

This is probably my favourite piece on this wishlist. How pretty is it?! I love the pull-in at the waist and 3/4 sleeves are so slimming. The fact it's a skater skirt makes it so easy to wear too.

I want this purely to wear with my black skort! I really am loving my metallics at the minute and I think that this top would be so wearable over the Christmas period.

Boohoo is amazing, do you agree?! And what makes it better is that it's one of the main supporters of CoppaFeel! - a charity you can read more about here.

What do you think to my wishlist?

Lots of love, Steph xxxx


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    1. They're so pretty aren't they, I want them all x

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