December 19, 2013

Be A Nail Queen

I instagram my nails almost every time I paint them. I've always been obsessed with painting them and making them look pretty. My Mum, Nan and Auntie are big fans of nail polish so I blame them completely for my addiction - although I've perhaps taken it to a new level. People are forever asking me "How are you so good at painting your nails? How do you have the time? How are you so patient? How many do you have? How are they in such good condition?" So I thought I would write you all a little bloggy-post about my nails, answering those forever-asked questions!

How are you so good?
Please bare in mind, if you ever ask me this question, I paint my nails like every one or two days - and practice really does make perfect! Also, I'd like to point out that getting a bit of nail polish on your fingers isn't the end of the world. I do it literally all the time and just keep a few cotton buds and polish remover close by. I am quite lucky in that I have a steady hand (also a positive when pipetting in biology!) but if you practice you can get your nails looking pretty damn fiiiine! One more thing, my nails end up looking good because I over-paint them. You often need more than one coat of nail polish, you shouldn't be able to see through your polish at the very tips of your nails when you put them up to them light.

How are you so patient/do you have the time?
QUICK DRY BASE COAT AND TOP COAT. I am obsessed with both nailsinc's kensington caviar base and top coat, as well as their a+e base and albert bridge top coat. More recently, after a flash sale on their website and my Mum buying me their advent calendar, I've been loving Ciate's Underwear base coat and Speed Coat top coat. More importantly, I never do my nails when I'm in a rush. If you paint your nails just before you go out, don't you dare moan if they smudge. But you get yourself a decent base and top coat, top coat in particular, and your nails will be touch dry minutes after painting. 

How many nail polishes do you have?
I have, on last count, around 140 nail polishes. Sliiiightly obsessed although I'm sure that many of you have more! I just love them, although I must admit that it's getting to the point that I have almost all of the shades that are sold, so when I fancy a £2.99 BarryM treat, it takes me a good 10 minutes to find a shade that I don't have one similar to. I'm not complaining though - I have the shades I'm wanting, after all! I just love buying new nail polishes. Yayayayayay.

How are they in good condition?
I never know how to answer this. I once was asked to do a nail care post and I was like - "errrrr?" I don't really do anything to my nails except clip and file them and I most definitely do not bite my nails. Eww. Do you know how many germs and bacteria live underneath your nails? Biting your nails = no friend of mine. My nails are in no way flimsy so when it comes to painting I am lucky because they chip less easily. But I am a strong believer in nail clippers, in no way, in my experience, do they damage your nails. People that say that are liars! I always trim my nails in a square fashion and then just file away any rough bits. I would say that I trim them every month or so, and just file them other than that to keep them in good shape! I tend to buff my nails, using a little one I got free from a boohoo stand once, once every two months or so. If you buff your nails too much, they will become too flimsy and break far easier than normal. Major care tip: AVOID GLUE ON NAILS, GELS AND ACRYLICS. Unless you get them professionally removed - but even then things can go disatrously - just ask my Mamma, the lady at our local salon filed through one of her nails and made her bleed #nevergoingback. Another thing to point out is that my nails may be strong but they are in no way a pretty sight when bare (see top left photo) - having polish on them permanently does make them stained, however a decent base coat will do its' best to prevent that, as i've found using nailsinc. a+e base coat. 

WOW I TALK TOO MUCH ABOUT MY NAILS! But that's that and I hope that those of you who have previously asked me questions about them now feel that you have had them answered. If you have anymore, please do ask me! And this was no attempt to be a braggy-post. I just love my nails a lot and nail polishes are the thing I collect!

What's your fave nail polish brand? Have you found a base coat that prevents staining?

You can find my instagram and all of my nail-antics here!

Lots of love, Steph xxxx


  1. I'm a massive nail polish junkie so this post is right up my street!
    I know exactly what you mean about taking forever to choose a new shade
    Sometimes after spending forever I end up buying duplicates
    It's annoying coz I love buying nail polish
    My favourite brand atm is Sally Hansen sugar coat
    Suh a cool effect

    x x

    1. Aww thank you! Yes exactly, I spend ages trying to find one that it just a tiny bit different to one I have so that it makes it okay to buy it! Yeah I'd like to try that although I am so picky about my textured polishes! Checking out your blog now :) thank you x


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