December 30, 2013

Get The Look - Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is becoming my favourite Kardashian/Jenner. She has her own style, personality and doesn't just follow the trends of her older sisters. She has this kind of rocky-edge to her style and it suits her perfectly. I stalk her instagram all the time and would say that she is probably my current style icon. Not to mention the fact she just cut all her hair of like me - so shorter hair is now cool ;)

Kylie's make up is always gorgeous, yet very simple too. She loves a good winged eyeliner and dark lip and her skin always looks flawless. Her mascara is usually quite heavy but for this look I chose to not put any on my bottom lashes, because it tends to be a personal preference!

For this look, I used:
Ted Baker Bronzer - from The Great and Gorgeous gift set - price n/a
Mac Diva - £15
Nails - Ciate Members Only, Serendipity and BarryM's Pink Glitter

My top is from the Kelly Brook Collection for New Look - I got it in the sale for just £9!

Who is your style/make up icon?

Let me know if you enjoy this kind of post!

Love Steph xxxx

December 29, 2013

OOTD/FOTD - A Trip To The Panto!

Today me and my little family went to the pantomime in Lincoln! The perfect opportunity to wear my new clothes and mittens!

What I'm wearing:
Denim Shirt - Miss Selfridge - £15 (sale purchase)
Bag - Oasis - £25 (in Summer!)
Ring - Pandora - price unknown and I'm not searching as it was a Christmas present from my parents!
Bracelet - Thomas Sabo - again, please search for the price yourself!
Earrings - really old from Primark

On my face:
Lancome In Love Blush in Pomettes D'Amour
Benefit They're Real (end of tube so not too dark)

I absolutely love this outfit. It's the perfect day out/shopping attire as it's not too casual nor too dressy! I especially love the snood! It's so soft and I love the checkered/tartan pattern. You can see that the top I am wearing underneath the shirt is actually a patterned top that would look great with some acid wash jeans. For my hair, I put it in a simple ponytail and wrapped the bobble in some of my own hair to make it look a little messier!

My gorgeous Thomas Sabo bracelet from my boyfriend's parents. They chose the charm for me as they thought it looked like my two gorgeous cocker spaniels, Archie and Bonnie!

My stunning Pandora ring from my parents. I love it so much! Very glam and very me!
What do you think to this outfit? And what do you think to my photos from my new Panasonic Lumix camera?

Lots of love, Steph xxxx

December 28, 2013

#TanyaBurrLipsAndNails HUGE POSTING!

I have an idea and I want you all on board!

So our beloved Tanya Burr is releasing her own brand of glosses and polishes on the 30th January 2014, as I am sure that most of you are aware! This is going to be a huge day for her as it is such a massive achievement, and I think that we should all celebrate with her!

How, you ask? I propose that we all write a post/make a YouTube video of our favourite Tanya look, whether it be from a random instagram photo or YouTube video!

It would be great if all our posts could go live at 6pm GMT on Thursday 30th January 2014!

Let me know what you think, bbloggers! Let's make Tanya realise how grateful and proud we all are!

Lots of love, Steph xxxx

January Sales - Beauty Haul

Why hello lovelies! Last time I spoke to you all it was before Christmas, and now it's been and gone, how fast has that gone?

Today I hit up the January sales and boy, did I follow "go hard or go home", particularly where cosmetics is concerned! I had some money given to me by family and my parents also gave me a little bit to spend - so I kinda went all out. Although I must admit, the majority of what I bought wasn;t on offer in any way, shape or form.

I first went to the Mac counter at Debenhams and for the first time ever I wasn't rudely spoken to! The lady was really nice and helped me big style when I asked for "Kyle Jenner's dark red lipstick". I initially went to the counter not wanting Diva at all. I thought it was maybe too similar to Hang Up but after having it swatched on my hand I realised that it is completely different to Hang Up and the fact it is matte has a lot to do with that. it's more of a burnt red and I love how it looks on my lips. Loving it -  so thank you for the recommendation Beth! ( A gorgeous lipstick for just £15.

I also knew that I wanted a highlighter but I wasn't sure if I wanted a liquid of powder one, The lady at the counter showed me Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle and I fell in love! Bought for £22.

Next I headed to Boots to see if I could find any bargains and to spend my almighty £15 of Advantage Card points! I never let my points get so high so I was buzzing about being able to spend them on something other than emergency paracetamol. I decided to buy two Real Techniques brushes as they were buy one get one half price. I went with their Blush Brush and Expert Face Brush. I am loving the blush brush already and can't wait to try the foundation brush tomorrow morning. Here I also picked up Benefit's Pretty Porefect! A little set that includes a full size POREfessional as well as a mini That Gal and It's Potent! Eye Cream. For the price of a POREfessional alone, it was so worth the money for the two extra samples. A £24 must have. I underestimated you, POREfessional.

Clintons was a random shop visit. I've wanted Snowflake Cookie for ages but couldn't justify the £8 or so spend. When I saw that it was 25% off, I had to treat myself with my Christmas money. We have it lit in the lounge now and it smells divine. It may not be beauty but what beauty blogger doesn't love a Yankee Candle? This my my first!

Hope In A Jar is a glorious moisturiser from Philosophy that my Mum has been using for ages! I always go in and sneak some when I'm feeling cheeky (sorry Mum!) and this little pot was £5 in a tree trinket, reduced from £10. You only get 15ml but still, I couldn't say no for the little amount you use for the entirety of your face!

House of Fraser, my favourite shop in the whole of Meadowhall, was the last shop (for beauty) that I went to. I met my family in Cafe Zest for a quick herbal tea and then off I went shopping! Me and Mum both fell in love with this Ted Baker make up bag and at £17.50 we couldn't say no - so we bought one each! I love Ted Baker make up bag, they're my fave ever and I think this is my fifth! I then headed to the beauty counters and had no idea what I planned on buying, but I wanted another little treat! I found a sale section in Lancome, where there were lots of half price items from their old In Love range, from Spring. I ended up choosing a blusher, Pomettes D'Amour and an eyeliner, a Khol one in Deepwater Blue. Both are gorgeously soft products and I am so excited to properly use them! the blusher was £17 and the eyeliner £8.

So that's my beauty haul - there you have it! What have you bought in the sales?

Love Steph xxxx

December 23, 2013

My Skin and ZenMed DermCare

It's a known fact amongst my friends and family that I'm constantly itching my legs and moaning about how painful and irritated they are. I can't shave them without the feeling that I need to rip them from my body and no matter which method of hair removal I use the story is always the same. I've even tried not shaving my legs for over 2 weeks (I KNOW! SO NOT ME!) but nothing changed. The itchiness stuck around and I couldn't quite fathom it.

After a year of scratching so much that I could sometimes make my calves bleed without realising - all be it only tiny grazes -  I showed my legs to my best friend and she said that it looked a lot like I had eczema. I have never really suffered with eczema. I have one patch around an inch wide on my upper left arm and that is literally it! But my legs seem to be completely different to the rest of my body, particularly since starting university.

I started following ZenMed on instagram purely by chance! I think it had been on my news that someone had liked their photo or something, I'm not really sure. But anyway, I had a browse of their instagram and website and found that they are an american company specialising in skincare. They mainly focus themselves on treating acne, rosecea, scars and eczema. So basically, I was browsing their instagram and came across a photo of some of their products. I commented, asking them what eczema products they had on offer. After a couple of comments back and forth, which then led to emails, I explained my problems to ZenMed and they kindly offered me some of their DermCare range to try! I was BEYOND excited! One step closer to no itchiness. The DermCare system is recommended for;
  • Small children suffering from various forms of skin hypersensitivity and pediatric Eczema.
  • People suffering from skin conditions like Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Sebhorrhaic Dermatitis.
  • People with reactive, generally hypersensitive or extremely dry skin.
  • Anyone looking for naturally-based, ultra-gentle skincare with no scents, dyes or irritants.
Sounded perfect for me!

My ZenMed products arrived just a few weeks later, which was in September, and I began using them from the moment they arrived through the door. I always planned to give it a while before reviewing these products, because with skincare products you don't often get an instant result. I didn't mean for there to be this much of a delay in my review - but here it is, better late than never.

The Packaging

Straight to the point, professional and clean. No screw cap lids so very easy to open and close, although after a few months of use, and nearing the end of the bottle, the squeezy pump has become a tad clogged, possibly due to not being closed properly

The Product

The DermCare Cleanser reminds me a lot of Nivea's In Shower Skin Conditioner in that you apply it whilst your skin is wet and pat your skin dry after use. It leaves you feeling somewhat moisturised when you emerge from the shower, but it can be difficult to rub into your skin as it is quite thin and easy to lose down the drain! The DermCare Lotion is reasonably thick for a lotion and very easily absorbed. It doesn't smell of a thing which I like, I often think that scents can be used to mask the fact that the product isn;t achieving much, but ZenMed products show, both with their packaging and their scent; they're all about the product and the product only.

The Result

The Cleanser didn't feel like it was doing much at first, but after just a weeks worth of use my skin felt less irritated after shaving and general showering. The Lotion, however, was instantly soothing. As soon as I felt/feel an itch, I applied/apply it all over the irritated area and wait for the result. My legs now are softer, less itchy and far far prettier due to the lack of scratching-induced grazes.

Would I purchase this? 

At a current retail price of £34, I definitely would. It's worked wonders for me, not only soothing my eczema, but boosting my confidence too.

I want to thank ZenMed so much for giving me the chance to try their wonderful products. I'm absolutely gutted to be coming to the end of my cleanser and lotion and I'm trying to scrape out as much of them as I can before I say goodbye! I can't recommend ZenMed enough and if you have any issues with your skin, they should be your first point of call, without a doubt.

Lots of love, Steph xxxx

December 21, 2013

Nivea Tinted Moisturising Day Cream

My skin type is combination to the extreme and I'm constantly having to tell myself to leave off the foundation whist I attempt to improve its condition. I don't suffer from acne, but I am prone to the occasional spot that stands out like a sore thumb on my ghostly skin. When the season changes I get random dry, eczema-like patches and my T-zone is majorly oily. I went through a phase of using just concealer under my eyes and on any blemishes and blotting my oilyness with Rimmel Stay Matte, but that didn;t really do anything for my confidence as my skin still felt sweaty and pale. But then I found the moisturiser of my dreams.

I went into Superdrug whilst shopping in Leeds with the intention of buying some face wipes...and instead I came out with this! Little did I know, but Nivea's Daily Essentials Tinted Moisturising Day Cream would be the answer to all of my problems. It's just a standard tinted moisturiser, but with the coverage of a foundation. 

It rehydrates my skin and gives it a glow without making it look too oily - and it boosts my confidence on lazy days no end! I was a little apprehensive about the fact it was for all skin types, but this really hasn't proved to be an issue for this combination gal. Shinyness can be a sight issue with this cream, after a few hours wear, but some blotting with your powder of choice solves this issue easily. It doesn't cling to my dry patches either.

This moisturiser has quickly become my favourite and with a bit of Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer under my eyes, I feel as confident as I do in foundation! For just £3.65, it's one heck of a bargain.

Before - a lazy, no make up, superdry tracksuit kinda day!

After - all I'm wearing is tinter moisturiser!

Have you ever tried this? Do you have a favourite tinted moisturiser?

Lots of love, Steph xxxx

December 19, 2013

Be A Nail Queen

I instagram my nails almost every time I paint them. I've always been obsessed with painting them and making them look pretty. My Mum, Nan and Auntie are big fans of nail polish so I blame them completely for my addiction - although I've perhaps taken it to a new level. People are forever asking me "How are you so good at painting your nails? How do you have the time? How are you so patient? How many do you have? How are they in such good condition?" So I thought I would write you all a little bloggy-post about my nails, answering those forever-asked questions!

How are you so good?
Please bare in mind, if you ever ask me this question, I paint my nails like every one or two days - and practice really does make perfect! Also, I'd like to point out that getting a bit of nail polish on your fingers isn't the end of the world. I do it literally all the time and just keep a few cotton buds and polish remover close by. I am quite lucky in that I have a steady hand (also a positive when pipetting in biology!) but if you practice you can get your nails looking pretty damn fiiiine! One more thing, my nails end up looking good because I over-paint them. You often need more than one coat of nail polish, you shouldn't be able to see through your polish at the very tips of your nails when you put them up to them light.

How are you so patient/do you have the time?
QUICK DRY BASE COAT AND TOP COAT. I am obsessed with both nailsinc's kensington caviar base and top coat, as well as their a+e base and albert bridge top coat. More recently, after a flash sale on their website and my Mum buying me their advent calendar, I've been loving Ciate's Underwear base coat and Speed Coat top coat. More importantly, I never do my nails when I'm in a rush. If you paint your nails just before you go out, don't you dare moan if they smudge. But you get yourself a decent base and top coat, top coat in particular, and your nails will be touch dry minutes after painting. 

How many nail polishes do you have?
I have, on last count, around 140 nail polishes. Sliiiightly obsessed although I'm sure that many of you have more! I just love them, although I must admit that it's getting to the point that I have almost all of the shades that are sold, so when I fancy a £2.99 BarryM treat, it takes me a good 10 minutes to find a shade that I don't have one similar to. I'm not complaining though - I have the shades I'm wanting, after all! I just love buying new nail polishes. Yayayayayay.

How are they in good condition?
I never know how to answer this. I once was asked to do a nail care post and I was like - "errrrr?" I don't really do anything to my nails except clip and file them and I most definitely do not bite my nails. Eww. Do you know how many germs and bacteria live underneath your nails? Biting your nails = no friend of mine. My nails are in no way flimsy so when it comes to painting I am lucky because they chip less easily. But I am a strong believer in nail clippers, in no way, in my experience, do they damage your nails. People that say that are liars! I always trim my nails in a square fashion and then just file away any rough bits. I would say that I trim them every month or so, and just file them other than that to keep them in good shape! I tend to buff my nails, using a little one I got free from a boohoo stand once, once every two months or so. If you buff your nails too much, they will become too flimsy and break far easier than normal. Major care tip: AVOID GLUE ON NAILS, GELS AND ACRYLICS. Unless you get them professionally removed - but even then things can go disatrously - just ask my Mamma, the lady at our local salon filed through one of her nails and made her bleed #nevergoingback. Another thing to point out is that my nails may be strong but they are in no way a pretty sight when bare (see top left photo) - having polish on them permanently does make them stained, however a decent base coat will do its' best to prevent that, as i've found using nailsinc. a+e base coat. 

WOW I TALK TOO MUCH ABOUT MY NAILS! But that's that and I hope that those of you who have previously asked me questions about them now feel that you have had them answered. If you have anymore, please do ask me! And this was no attempt to be a braggy-post. I just love my nails a lot and nail polishes are the thing I collect!

What's your fave nail polish brand? Have you found a base coat that prevents staining?

You can find my instagram and all of my nail-antics here!

Lots of love, Steph xxxx

December 10, 2013

Boohoo Christmas Wishlist

Boohoo has necome my favourite online clothing store. They literally have everything I could ever want (clohtes-wise) and at such reasonable prices! Their stock is so pretty and I find their sizings really accurate, I can always trust things I buy from Boohoo to fit me, not worrying about returns at all. 

Last week when their had their Cyber Monday 25% off sale, I trawled through their website all day and I found some hot picks (posts to follow) but for now I wanted to show you all of the things I wanted to buy - but just couldn't afford this time!

1. Nikki Sleeveless Peplum Dress - £10
I just love how stylish yet affordable peplum-style clothes are. They look so effective and glam and it's virtually no effort to pull them off as accessories can be kept to a minimum! They're also very figure flattering for almost anyone. The purple colour is just gorgeous too.

This is just such a glam dress! I love the detailing on it and I think that the diagonal patterning is super slimming. I like the metallic as I think it's really in this time of year, all festive and that!

Basically, I'm obsessed with jumpers! I love contrast too. I chose the Stone and Navy coloured one for this wishlist but I love all of the colours and would wear them all equally! So cosy and warm and chunky and snug and OMG LOVE JUMPERS. 

I never expected to be into this tartan trend but I've welcomed it with open arms and I think you could say that I am somewhat obsessed with it at the minute. I already have a skirt and leggings and a dress would be amazing. I also really like collar detail too!

I love long sleeved chiffon collared shirts so this top ticks all of the boxes. The detailing makes it feel really festive and it would be prefect with some tight jeans and chelsea boots.

I bought a skort the other day and it's safe to say that it's one of my favourite pieces of clothing now. The way the size 10 pair from Boohoo fit me is perfect. Shorts can often be really tight around my thighs (sad face) but these aren't at all and make my legs feel super long and thin! A must if you're usually very self-conscious of your legs! The glitter is so festive.

I've never really been into knee high boots but I wear a lot of skirts and tights now, rather than jeans, and I think that they'd maybe suit me a little more than they would have a couple of years ago. I think that the dark brown colour is really versatile and would fit into my wardrobe really easily.

NOW THIS IS A BARGAIN! Just look at it....FOR £20! It's just gorgeous. I have a full leather (fake of course) biker jacket that I bought in Miss Selfridge a couple of years ago and I'd just love to have this one. I might treat myself to it with some Christmas money - if I get any this year haha!

This is probably my favourite piece on this wishlist. How pretty is it?! I love the pull-in at the waist and 3/4 sleeves are so slimming. The fact it's a skater skirt makes it so easy to wear too.

I want this purely to wear with my black skort! I really am loving my metallics at the minute and I think that this top would be so wearable over the Christmas period.

Boohoo is amazing, do you agree?! And what makes it better is that it's one of the main supporters of CoppaFeel! - a charity you can read more about here.

What do you think to my wishlist?

Lots of love, Steph xxxx

December 09, 2013

I'm finally back!

Hello lovelies!

Wow, it's such a long time since I typed that! It's been nearly six whole weeks since I last blogged and I'm finally ready to get back behind the keyboard and type you all some posts. It's been a crazy six weeks; uni deadlines and exams have been throwing themselves at me left, right and centre and on top of that, I vacated Leeds for a couple of weeks whilst my brother was in hospital. It's been emotional, crazy and mental and I just haven't had the motivation or passion to write anything or keep up with my twitter or anything. I literally forgot about my blog for about a month, but in the past couple of weeks I've really felt myself again and have become desperate to start posting again.

I thought the best way to get back into blogging is to let you know that as much as I've neglected my own blog, I haven't neglected all of yours! I wanted to share with you some of the posts that I've really enjoyed ready over the past couple of months, from some bloggers that I admire and really look up to.

1. The Cupid Bow - 10 Common Beauty Mistakes You Might Be Making!

I found Carly via Instagram and it's quite likely that she doesn't even know who I am haha! She had put a photo on instagram, regarding this post, with the hashtag #bbloggers and I read it and found myself giggling all the way through! I've found that I actually made a few of the mistakes she had pointed out - lets just say I never pump my mascaras anymore! Carly is gorgeous and her posts are always so informative and she is just so glam. Definitely a blog to look out for!

2. - Get Ready With Me - Night Out Video

I love watching good ol' Katie put on make up because she does it so well and always looks so flawless and lovely - as I realised in the flesh when I met her at the Harvey Nichols Leeds event! This video is literally hilarious. She puts on her make up - and might I say does an amazing job - and sings along to her music as well. It's just great. DO WHAT YOU WANT WHAT YOU WANT WITH MY BODY.

3. Glambeautys - Frosted Lip Tutorial

I think that I am one of the few bloggers who loves a good frosted lip, especially now it's winter time. When I read this post from Liza I was so excited. It looked so pretty and so easy to achieve. Liza has so much personality and you can really see that in her posts and she is always full of amazing hints and tips! Now I need to get me some Vanilla Pigment and try this out!

4. Expat Make-Up Addict - Nordstrom Haul

Stacey is another blogger that I found via Instagram and she is just great. I so wish that I had her make-up collection! Her Nordstrom Haul made me so excited and so jealous. It just looked so EXPENSIVE and that is always amazing when it omes to make up - I'm sure that you know what I mean. It included NARS, Chanel and one of my faves. Butter London. I just love Stacey's blog and if you haven't checked it out already - you definitely should!

5. Bombay Rose - Glow Job

So Ambi has made me fall in love with highlighters all over again. She included three in this post, and I own one of them - Benefit's Watt's Up! After reading this post in mid-November, I rediscovered my highlighting obsession and since, having stop using the ones I own. Ambi is fabulous, so dedicated and manages to do so well with her blog AND her medical degree! Bombay Rose is amaaaazing. And that hair. JEALOUS.

So here's to a blogging-filled Christmas and it's hope it doesn't stop there! After having written this post I've realised just how much I've missed the blogging world and I look forward to getting back chatting with you all and picking up where we left off :)

Thank you for still commenting and tweeting me even when I've not been my best :)

Lots of love, lovelies!

Steph xxxx