October 03, 2013

Student Lock-In Haul

I went to the Lock-In guys!!! And I got everything I wanted!! (Minus the coat)

Here it all is:

Handbag, Topshop - £50.00 £40.00

I wanted to show you how much I could fit into this bag! In here is 3xnotebooks for uni, my MacBook Pro, purse, filofax, pens etc! Look out for a What's In My Bag post!

Converse, Office - £46.99 £37.60

Chelsea Boots, Office - £70.00 £56.00
Jeans, New Look - £22.99 £18.40. Headphones, Currys (not reduced!) £34.99

Socks, Topshop - £8.00 £6.40

Crop Top, New Look - £12.99 £10.40

Jumper, New Look - £14.99 £11.99

White Tee - £4.99 £3.99. Tartan Skirt £14.99 £12.99

Total spendings: £228.77
Total savings: Approximately £47.00

I'm chuffed to bits with everything I bought. Particularly the headphones and the bag! So please that I have earnt so much money in the past couple of weeks as even with purchasing all of this I didn't have to use a single penny of my student loan.

Hope you've enjoyed seeing what I've splashed out on!

Lots of love, Steph xxxx


  1. Wow, nice shopping :D
    Love the bag, it's amazing!

    Mirisweet! xX

  2. I need that bag! Soooo nice!

    Liz xx


  3. My student lock-in is next week, so if you could get your What's In My Bag post up before then, that'd be fab haha :)
    Looks like you got some great stuff, definitely need to get myself a bag and some winter-appropriate shoes!

  4. I love your boots. They are gorgeous! I'm no longer a student, but made the mistake of going shopping on the same night as the Manchester Lock In. It was absolutely heaving! I've never seen such large queues in New Look. On the plus side, I'm glad that I didn't just walk out again as they were just giving out student discount to everyone, regardless of whether you were actually a student or not, so what looked like a mistake (going shopping when it was crazy busy) turned out to be a slightly cheaper shopping trip!

    Lucy x The New Northerner


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