October 29, 2013

Starting Off: Make Up Tools and GIVEAWAY

Okay, so I'mma just write my post and save all the totes emotional stuff for the end...

It's the final instalment of the Starting Off Project today and this week it's all about make up tools! I love of you have asked me what on earth to write about this week and I've just said to write about what you feel your make up tools are! Here are mine;

I use these to apply nearly all of my make up, I have brushes for foundation, concealer, powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blusher, THE LOT! What kind of brush you use for each purpose is honestly up to you. For example, the Real Techniques contour brushes, of which I have two, are primarily for use in contouring but I tend to use one for that purpose and the other for my cream blushes. It really is just what you think they apply best! Real Techniwues are my current favourite brush brand, however I do love my two little fluffy Nanshy brushes and I'm excited to try more of their products!

Goes without saying! Unless your brows grow perfectly, tweezers are a good thing to keep hold of where your make up collection is concerned. They're super handy to keep lying around in case of any strays you see when applying your make up in good light! At the minute I'm using a square ended pair as I find them the easier to pinch hairs with! I can't remember the make unfortunately, I've had them a few years though and can't imagine that I paid more than £5.

Again, a key item. Just in case your eyeliner goes blunt or chips off!

Primer - the key to holding your make up in place! Applied before foundation and the likes, primer is a way of evening out your pores and in some cases, brightening your skin tone! It was bareMinerals' Get Started kit that introduced me to primer and I have stuck with them for the past couple of years. I am a fan of Nivea's Hydrating Primer also but it honestly depends on the day my skin is having as to which I apply.

Whether this be a powder or a spray, setters are also a great idea when you're wanting your make up to last that bit longer! I tend to apply setting sprays as soon as I've applied my full face of make up and I top up and blot away shine with a pressed powder throughout the day. My favourite (and only) setting spray is Make Up Forever's Mist & Fix. Kim K, be proud.

And that's it for my key make up tools! Of course there are the obvious ones like remover and cotton pads, but I wanted to keep it at how I apply my make up and get it to last.

Now, lovelies - THAT IS IT! The Starting Off project is over! I want to thank you all for making my little idea in August such a success and for writing each week and keeping this going! I may not always have commented or replied directly to your tweets but please do know that I have read as many of your posts as I have been able to and it's been brilliant sharing this last ten weeks with you all.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I actually want to well up right now - oh my, bbloggers, this is what you do to me! It's been great how many of you I have met through this and thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this project with me.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! If you've loved the SO Project and want to get involved in something that promises to be just as fun, check out Kellie's idea of The Winter Project - a great way to get us all in the festive spirit and an amazing project idea.

ONE MORE THING! Have you entered my giveaway? Two lucky winners will be announced in just under a week and could win all of these goodies;

Thank you again, lovelies.

Lots of love, Steph xxxx


  1. Such a great post, I love Real Techniques too! Thank you for putting my new project in there too. Thanks for your support and I'm so happy for your success!! :) x

  2. Well done on such an amazing project hunny. I know I've enjoyed posting each week. I'm going to be lost on a Tuesday evening now :(


  3. Aw thanks again Steph for creating this amazing project. I really have enjoyed writing every post and most of all reading everyone else's. You're such a star :D

    Hannah xxx

  4. I'm a bit sad that the SO project is over too! But I had so much fun making the posts, and I just want to thank you again for coming up with such an amazing idea! X


  5. I think we are all a little sad that this project is over!! So glad we have another to look forward to!
    Love your photos in the pic, especially the first one! :)
    Great post - as always!


  6. Cant believe its over:( It was great to read! And wow you have so many brushes!

    Hollie xoxo

  7. Such great picks! I love seeing what brushes people use-- and I love that you included tweezers in your post! Definitely an essential!

    sundays grace beauty blog

  8. Brilliant post! I totally forgot about tweezers and sharpener and eyelash curlers! Oh well. :-) oooh the winter project sounds fab! Well done sweety and thanks for this project I've loved it xx


  9. I fell behind with this project due to my holiday etc but I'm planning a big blitz this weekend to get the posts up and love the sound of the Winter project so will definitely join that.

    Thank you for arranging, it's been great fun.



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