October 26, 2013

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation

When Rimmel kicked off their Stay Matte Challenge I was gutted that I didn't get chosen. I have really oily skin and constantly have to top up my powder and blot away any shine so their new foundation sounded perfect for me. Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation prides itself on lightweight shine control, so I was keen to put it to the test!

At only £5.99 I was more than willing to part with my money for this foundation. Rimmel is a brand whose foundations I have always loved so spending just shy of £6 wasn't an issue for me at all.
The packaging of this foundation looks reasonably on first glimpse but it's actually perfect. The tube is light, easy to squeeze and fits into any make up bag easily. I am actually really keen on plain-designed cosmetics as I think that they look a bit more enticing. It's not always all about glitter and fancy fonts.

I chose the shade 100 IVORY. I aaaaalways choose and ivory shade when going for foundation as my skin is in no way yellow-toned but nor is it too pink. Pale baby right here! The consistency of the product is as it says; liquid mousse. I have come to realise that the ease of blending this foundation depends on its' temperature. Back home, my house is much warmer than my house in Leeds and I found it far easier to blend when I paid a visit there a couple of weeks ago. It is far harder to apply than a normal liquid foundation in that applying it with a brush doesn't work too well. I tend to use my fingers and for the areas where I want a tad more coverage I use my Real Techniques Pointed Foundation brush.

Now for the shine control... Usually, if I use any of my other Rimmel liquid foundations, when i get a bit warm, say if I'm rushing around campus or on a clammy bus, my make up ends up looking horrendous. The shine comes through all around my nose, forehead and chin. While wearing this foundation, that doesn't happy half as easily. By then end of an eight hour uni day, you can see that I haven't powdered in a while, but up until that point the foundation does tend to look as it did when I first applied it. It's like an industrial strength, high street foundation - and I think that it's fantastic. 

Have you tried this foundation? Does it work as well on you as it does on me?

Lots of love, Steph xxxx


  1. Ooh this looks promising - I always prefer the matte look in winter because I just think its more natural. I've never tried a rimmel foundation though, I find them too yellow toned, but I might have to check this out if its neutral! Great review


    Katy xxx

  2. REALLY need to try this, I have such oily skin x

    www.beckysbeautique.co.uk x

  3. Rimmel used to do a mousse foundation that came in a little glass jar, but it was discontinued several years ago. I used to really like it and was gutted that the Stay Matte Liquid Foundation wasn't half so good at keeping my face matte. Next time I need some foundation, I'm hoping that this new release will be like the mousse foundation of old, as it is such a bargainous foundation.

    Lucy x The New Northerner

  4. I have really oily skin too so it's good to hear a review on this from someone that does too. I wasn't too interested in getting this because I'm not a big fan of highstreet foundations but I think I will pick this up.

    Hannah xxx

  5. I really wanted to love this foundation but it felt really heavy on my skin. I was really disappointed as I usually really like Rimmel foundations.


  6. Hi Steph - this looks fantastic!!

    Love your blog, now your new follower. Would love it if you had a little peak over at mine!

    Emily xxx | belezabyems.com

  7. I saw on your previous post to point you on a direction of a MAC giveaway and I'm currently running one if you haven\t already come across it :')


  8. It's one of my favorite foundations. I don't have huge shine problem, but I love how light it feels on skin and it easy to blend :)



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