October 07, 2013

Have You Copped a Feel?


If you haven't already realised from the endless amount of pink merchandise being sold my shops everywhere, this month is Breast Cancer Awareness month and it's all about raising not only money, but also about raising awareness of Breast Cancer.

When my friend Shelley told me she was becoming the Uni of Leeds Boob Leader, I had no idea what she was talking about. It turns out she was starting the Uni Boob Team at our university, which means that she was becoming the University of Leeds' Coppa Feel representative. CoppaFeel is a Breast Cancer awareness charity which promotes early detection of Breast Cancer, mainly focusing on women under 30. It was founded by twin sisters, Kristen and Maren Hallenga, after Kris was diagnosed with Breast cancer at the mere age of 23. Kris had been feeling some pain and discomfort in her breast and after finding a lump she visited numerous doctors who advised her that it was just due to hormonal changes. She initially took on board what they'd said to her but when the pain and lump didn't subside after 6 months of travelling, she visited another doctor and it was eventually confirmed that Kris had Breast Cancer. Eight months on, Kris lives today with stage four breast cancer.

It's a worldwide misconception that you can't possibly get Breast Cancer at such a young age - but you can! Checking ourselves is something that we all need to do regularly. It's something that we all need to get into the habit of doing from the moment we pass through puberty. You need to get to know your boobs, girlies! That way, you'll know if something goes wrong or if they feel or look a little different to normal.

CoppaFeel promotes checking yourself regularly and ensuring that you KNOW YOUR BOOBS! I'm so proud that I've become a part of the Uni Boob Team at Leeds and that it's such a fantastic charity we're supporting. So far, we've promoted boob-checking on campus in Freshers Week and even walked around the Student Lock-In at Trinity Leeds wearing boob costumes! If you have a Boob Team at your uni, I can't recommend that you join enough. It's such a fantastic cause and such an important issue.

Our stand at the Trinity Leeds Student Lock-In

The charity actually runs a free, monthly text reminder service. You can text LEEDS (FOR FREE!), even if you aren't from there, to 70500 and each month CoppaFeel will send you a quick text reminding you to check your boobs. You should also go check out our Uni Boob Team twitter and the CoppaFeel website.

Our Instagram competition entry! What a pair of tits (pardon the pun)!
I'd like to thank the lovely Shelley for getting me involved in this - very proud to be a part of our little Boob Team!

Boob on the escalator!
If you're a Leeds Uni student - look out for the Boob Bus arriving THIS WEDNESDAY!


Lots of love, Steph xxxx

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