October 11, 2013

Ciaté Very Colourfoil Manicure in Kaleidoscopic Clash

When Ciaté had a 48 hour flash sale last weekend I must admit that I was over the moon. I mean, seriously, I was jumping around when I saw it on their Instagram. This was a flash sale like never before. I managed to get 3 polishes and 2 sets for around £25. WHAT A BARGAIN, RIGHT?! Ciaté sets are usually priced at around £18-£20 and their single polishes around £9. I'm sure those nail polish addicts our there can appreciate my amazement. 

I had seen Ciaté's Very Colourfoil sets both on twitter and Ciaté's Instagram and had always liked the look of them, it was merely their price that had put me off in the past. I obviously chose to buy one of these in their sale and I ended up choosing the set with the colour Pepperminty inside. 

The set comes with one full size, Ciaté polish, a little bottle of Foil Fix glue, 60 sheets of foil in 6 different colours and a nail wheel. You are also provided not only with instructions on the back of the box, but inside too! It's really simple to use and the look created with this set is fantastic. 

I'm really impressed with Ciaté and with 60 sheets of foil I know that I will be using it for ageeeees! Knowing what I know now, I think I would pay £18 for it in future. 

Have you tried Very Colourfoil!? What's your favourite Ciate polish?

You can buy this set here.

Lots of love, Steph xxxx


  1. They have these in TK MAXX and I have been sooooo tempted to pick one up! I definitely will be next time I'm in there (if they're still there! fingers crossed!!!). Your nails always look amazing, come and do mine! ;)

    Much love!
    Beth xoxoxoxo

  2. what a lovely little set! this would make a really nice christmas gift!

    lovely post
    zofia xo

  3. I haven't tried this before but they all look gorgeous!

    Rebecca x

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  5. I love this set, I am so disappointed I missed this flash sale as I would have definitely picked up another set at that price. I reviewed this on my blog a few weeks ago, but I think your manicure turned out much nicer than mine.


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