September 13, 2013

TAG: This Or That

Hello everyone :D

Here is my this or that tag boys and girls! I was tagged to do this by the lovely Hannah from A Day In The Life Of A Northern Girl and here are my answers:

Make Up:

Blusher or Bronzer:
Definitely blusher. As a pale lady I love a bit of blush to brighten up my cheekies!

Lipgloss or Lipstick:
Lipstick all the waaaaay. It used to be gloss but as I've got older I've started to hate the stickiness more...

Liner or Mascara:
Mascara, covers up my ginger lashes and makes my eyes POP!

Foundation or Concealer:
Foundation. I love concealer but I think that you can get some really good foundations! My under eye circles annoy me but a good foundation can often cover them as well as a concealer!

Neutral Eyeshadow or Colour Eyeshadow:
Neutral! My Urban Decay NAKED palette is my all time favourite. I love my colour palettes but neutral is just so much more versatile.

Pressed or Loose Eyeshadow:
Pressed. I hate loose eyeshadow. End. Of.


OPI or China Glaze:
OPI...Purely because I've never tried China Glaze, whoops.

Long or Short Nails:
Long! I can paint so much more onto them! Definitely depends on the season though...Short nails are better for Summer when I go for block bright colours!

Acrylic or Natural:
Natural. Acrylic nails are fake and nasty and ruin your nail beds so yeah. However I love a good stick on nail, particularly the pre-glued Elegant Touch or Broadway imPress ones! They don't do half as much damage! But overall I'd always choose natural.

Bright or Dark:
Bright... I'm all about stand out nails. Even if I wear a dark colour I have to have one nail that's all out!

Flower or No Flower:
This is a silly question.


Perfume or Body Spray:
Perfume. They make me smell nice for longer.

Lotion or Body Butter:
Lotion is just quicker and easier! Do love a good Body Shop Body Butter though.

Body Wash or Soap:
Body Wash, I often feel like soap dries out my skin.

Lush or Other Bath Companies:
None of the above, thaaaanks. I don't even have a bath...only showers in my household!


Jeans or Sweat Pants:
Depends on the occasion! Wear jeans more though. My fave pair are a pair I bought when I was 13...

Long Sleeves or Short Sleeves:
Long. Makes ma arms look thinner ;)

Dresses or Skirts:
Skirts, just because you can style them easier and wear them loads without anyone necessarily noticing!

Stripes or Plaid
Stripes. I have about 5 navy and white stripey tops.

Flip Flops or Sandals:
Sandals. I am sad that Summer is over purely because I have to put my gladiators back in my shoe cupboard.

Scarves or Hats:
Scarves! I love a good snood.

Studs or Dangly Earrings:
Danglieeeees. I wear them like everyday.

Necklace's or Bracelets
Necklaces. I have one on constantly! At the minute it's one my boyfriend got me for Christmas.

Heels or Flats:
Flats. Let's face it, heels are uncomfy. I wear them on nights out at home (not uni) and that's it!

Jackets or Hoodies:
Depends on the situations! Probably hoodies though on a day-to-day basis.


Curly or Straight:
Straight. Love having my hair poker straight, as I'm sure many of you have realised by now!

Bun or Ponytail:
Ponytail. My hair is too thick for buns and I can never get them right! Tips appreciated, and yes, tried donuts!

Bobby Pins or Bufferfly Clips:
What's a butterfly clip?

Hair Spray or Gel:
Spray. Gel doesn't go with long hair...

Long or Short:
I think I'd have to say long because I can't have too short hair due to my HUGE HEAD.

Light or Dark:
Natural? I don't colour my hair!

Side Sweep or Full Bangs (Fringe):
Side sweep but I wouldn't say that I had a fringe really! Do I?!

Up or Down:
Down. I feel boyish and lazy with my hair up!


Rain or Shine:
Shine but I love a good rainy day where I can stay in and watch Friends all day!

Summer or Winter:
Winter. CONTROVERSIAL! I do love both and Winter only wins slightly...but I love the jumpers, scarves, boots, coats, consistent weather...

Autumn or Spring:
Spring. I didn't realise this until I got to uni and properly noticed when the trees got their leaves back. It was so pretty!

Chocolate or Vanilla:
Chocolate. It's my addiction.

Hope you enjoyed those and found out some things about me that you didn't know! So, to do this tag, I am tagging:
Lydia at Lovely Jubbly

Looking forward to your answers!

Lots of love, Steph xxxx

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  1. Awesome post! I prefer dresses, cos it can be worn more times either as a dress, a top, or skirt hehe ^_^

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