September 10, 2013

Starting Off: Foundation

Foundation is a miracle worker in that, if you apply it right, you can achieve a flawless look to skin that might be anything other than perfect. Every make up brand I've ever heard of has their own foundation and there are lots of different types, from mousse, to powder, cream and liquid.

The finish of your foundation will always depend on your skin and the oils in produces naturally. I must admit that I have never chosen a foundation because of the finish it claims to have. A foundation may claim to have a matte finish, but you slap it onto oily skin and you will realise that it just isn't happening! I tend to just stick with brands I trust and if the finish is a bit too shiny for me I just dab over it with a pressed powder. I find that mousse foundations have dried out my skin in the past, and I don't like a dull/matte finish so cream-to-powder isn't really for me either! Therefore liquid or a mineral powder is my preferred choice due to their longevity and often dewy finish. The type of foundation most suited to you depends on your skin type. Now, I'm no pro when it comes to what consistency will suit you best but I can give you as much info as I have on my own foundation experience with my skin type; combination-oily.

Applying foundation seems simple but can be the most difficult stage of a make up routine. Foundation can be applied with your fingers, a brush or a sponge and finding the right application method for you can be tricky! To apply foundation:

  1. Start by blending from the centre of your face outwards, to ensure you get a good coverage on areas more prone to redness and to prevent any dodgy lines around your jaw! 
  2. You should also be careful not to get your foundation caked in your hairline or eyebrows - never a good look. 
  3. For a more natural finish, use a shade of foundation as close to your natural skin tone as possible, or if you prefer your skin to look a little more tanned, only go for one shade darker and try to blend it more into your neck to ensure there is no distinct colour change from your face to the rest of your body. DO NOT PICK A FOUNDATION FAR TOO DARK FOR YOU! The umpa-lumpa look is vile.
  4. Don't forget your nose and the area around your brows - your face doesn't just consist of your forehead and cheeks!
  5. Use primer - I probably should have said this first but nevermind! If you have teenage skin, you will probably be more prone to an oily T-zone and your foundation is probably more likely to slide down your face than stay put. Primer will help your make up stay in place for the majority of your day. Using pressed powders and setting sprays also helps to keep foundation in place. 
I always use a primer before my foundation due to the sheer oiliness of my skin. To apply foundation I tend to use a brush. I used to use my fingers and found that the finish was decent enough but when a friend advised me to try the Real Techniques collection I figured I'd give them a try and bought their core collection. I now use the RT Buffing Brush to blend my foundation and the finish I get from doing so is much more dewy and flawless than it ever was when I used my fingers! I am yet to try sponges but if you've heard of any good ones, please link me up!

My foundation routine (using Rimmel Match Perfection in Shade Ivory)

Oh hello naked face!

I use three different foundations - not all at the same time - I just have three that I like using most. The first and oldest foundation I own is Rimmel's Match Perfection. It's been so so trustworthy and it's coverage is just above medium. It's a really thin liquid so there can be some issues with it sinking into the brush you apply it with but if you blend enough it will applies easily and a little goes such a long way. I can use just under a pump for my entire face and the colour Ivory suits me perfectly. It's currently only £4.99 in Morrisons and Boots so you need to head out and buy it!

Rimmel's Wake Me Up is another one of my favourites. It's got a glow to it and if you look at it in the bottle you can see the slightest of shimmer. The dewy finish of this product is gorgeous and it really does brighten your skin. It has a slightly thicker consistency than Match Perfection and it doesn't go quite as far in that I need a little more of it to cover my entire face. This foundation is great for days when I'm looking for a more natural look to my skin as well as a subtle glow. I'd like to try their concealer from this range seeing as so many of you recommended it last week. Again, it's only £4.99 in Morrisons at the minute.

My favourite high-end foundation is bareMinerals READY pressed powder foundation. I think that as it is a pressed powder, people underestimate it's coverage. I can honestly say that when I apply it with my RT Buffing Brush it's coverage is more full than my two liquid foundations and it lasts so much longer. It's really sheer to say it's a powder and it doesn't give me a complete matte look, which is just what I look for in a foundation. I wear the shade N170 and it has more yellow undertones to it than pink. At around £25 it's pretty expensive but I can't fault it's coverage nor it's finish so it's got a massive thumbs up from me. 

Do you apply your foundation like me? What are your favourites? Link me to your posts below!

Lots of love, Steph xxxx


  1. Lately I've been applying my foundation with a sponge and I like it better than with a brush! Great post. :-) Never tried Rimmel's latest foundations. Xx

  2. I've been wanting to try the Wake Me Up foundation, but I always seem to think it looks really dark in the bottle! The Match Perfection one looks pretty good though :)

  3. Maybe I should try the Rimmel Wake Me Up - everyone seems to love it! You look great without makeup :)


  4. I love how you included the step by step, so helpful! I love my RT buffing brush for foundation, I'm never going back to a flat brush! xx

  5. I also included the Rimmel foundations in my post - they're amazing for the price and availability!

  6. Def going to have to give Real techniques brushes a go!!
    My Foundation post is also up if you fancy a read, would love to know what you think!
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

  7. This foundation looks gorgeous on you Steph and holy shit, your eyes are gorgeous!


  8. I think I'm definitely going to try the pressed bare Minerals when my loose powder runs out after reading this. I love the pictures of you applying your foundation such a good touch.

    Hannah xxx

  9. I love that you were brave enough to post no makeup pics! But you are very beautiful! I was not brave enough!!!

    Liz xx

  10. I loved this post and very jazzy nails!



  11. Oh love your step-by-step looks! Haven't tried Rimmel yet, but keeping it on my list!

  12. love your nails, steph! my post is at

  13. Without make foundation I can’t think anything. In order for you to have the best makeup foundation, your goal is to match the exact colour tone of your skin. Did you hear about Mineral Makeup ? I always try to use mineral makeup :)

    CoLaz London

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    I love your blog and find it really inspiring, so I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Find it here
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