September 27, 2013

Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in 002 Hazel

I began filling in my eyebrows only a year ago. I don't see doing my brows as a particular necessity to my make up routine, or my face for that matter, but I do notice if someone has a good set of brows and it got to the point where I wanted people to start noticing mine! I'd seen a few of my friends, both at university and school, using powders to fill in their brows, including sets from The Body Shop, Clinique and Urban Decay. I am a massive fan of Urban Decay when it comes to my eyes and I immediately, without thinking, decided to opt for their Brow Box to give my brows a little more shape and colour. I've been using that for around a year now and I really do love it. However, depending on the wax to powder ratio I use, it can be a bit hit and miss and as it's a brush applicator I find that I often can't get the exact shape I'm after! The other week, for a night out, I borrowed my housemate's Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil and was really impressed with it, so obviously I went out and bought it the next day...

It is a standard wooden pencil with a small, stiff brush on the lid that helps to comb your brows into a good shape. I chose the shade Hazel, as it was the lightest and I have pretty light coloured brows. The formulation means that the colour doesn't glide onto your brows which I really like. You can still draw onto your brows easily and the consistency of the pencil means that it doesn't smudge off easily (unless you wear it to a foam party...). The pencil stays really sharp even after a few applications. I must have used it a good 5 times now and it hasn't worn down at all really. I'm really impressed with it. The colour isn't fantastic. It's a little orange if you ask me. This luckily isn't a problem for me seeing as I am a redhead but I imagine it could be if you were brunette/blonde.  

For only £2.99 I'm amazingly happy with this pencil!! It's far quicker to use than my powder set and the precision you can achieve is fantastic. I would recommend it to anyone, particularly you redheads looking for a bit more definition!

Left - pencilled in. Right - bare.

I WISH MY SKIN WAS THIS FLAWLESS - yay for beauty mode! Wanted to show this pic as it shows off the arch I created in my brows.

What do you apply to your brows?

Lots of love, Steph xxxx


  1. I already thought you had nice brows, but the difference is quite impressive, isn't it? You've got such pretty eyes, too :)

  2. Oh love this! Looks wonderful on!

  3. I absolutely love this eyebrow pencil.. It's perfect for natural brows and inexpensive compared to higher brands.

  4. I use this too - I like the hard formula but don't think it gives the most natural of looks. Really want to try the new Maybelline brow gel over the top to bring out the hairs more xx


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