September 01, 2013

Goodbye Greasy Hair - Batiste Dry Shampoo and Conditioner

Unfortunately, I suffered from a reeeeeally oily scalp when going through my early teens. I'd wash my hair in a morning and by the end of the school day it would be so greasy that it would look as though I hadn't washed it in days. Gross, I know. I don't know what exactly it was that made my hair like this, it could have been anything from the natural oils my scalp was producing due to hormonal changes, the shampoo I was using, the hair products I used or the constant styling. Whatever it was, I hated it and it did nothing for my ever-fluctuating teen confidence. It was only when I mentioned the issue to my hairdresser that she pointed me in the direction of dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo is literally a product of wonder. The idea of dry shampoo is that it can be put into your hair between washes, to absorb grease and excess oil. It's perfect if you're after a quick refresh through the school day, work day, or any other day for that matter. It's most common form is in a spray, but you can also buy it in powder form, that can be poured directly into your roots. Dry shampoo is widely available in the UK, and brands including Tresemme and Dove have jumped on the bandwagon and released their own. However, there is one major dry shampoo brand that consumers appear to believe in and trust the most, and it's the lovely Batiste. I find myself going back to Batiste every time I run out, as I know that what I'm going to be repurchasing is a high quality product at an affordable price. Batiste haven't just kept it at standard dry shampoo either. They've ventured into producing a product for specific hair colours, with different fragrances amongst their range too. Batiste aren't a one trick pony either, with not only shampooing products but conditioning and volumising ones too. 

Applying Dry Shampoo can be a bit daunting. You're applying a somewhat chalky, powdery substance to your hair with the aim of not having to wash could all go wrong really, couldn't it? I have a few tips for you;

  1. Apply before bed. If you washed your hair in the morning, don't want to wash it again that day but won't have time the morning after either, spray dry shampoo into the areas that are more prone to greasiness just before you go to sleep. DON'T follow the directions of use on the back of the can if you do this... Spray in the shampoo and sleep on it. As you sleep the product will soak up all that excess oil and when you wake up your hair will be left refreshed and will feel as though it's just been washed. Trust me, it works!
  2. Leave in your dry shampoo until it's warmed up. This sounds a bit silly, but if you spray dry shampoo onto your hair/if you've used it before, you'll realise that you get a cool feeling once it first hits your scalp. Wait until this feeling disappears before you brush it out and rub it in. It will mean that the product has started working before you play around with it.
  3. Rub it in with a towel. This just saves you adding more oil than is necessary to your hair, by avoiding using your fingers.
  4. Don't apply too much. If you apply too much dry shampoo it WILL be noticeable and you WILL look like you have dust in your hair. Spray over areas only once, don't hold the can in the direction of one area for long at all. Otherwise it will be too difficult to dispose of excess product that builds up in your roots. 

When I contacted Batiste about the giveaway I plan on holding after The Starting Off Project, they were really excited to donate some products and sent a couple extra for me to try out. I decided to try out their volumising dry shampoo as it was one of the only ones in their range that I hadn't tried. As with every Batiste shampoo I've ever tried, it does a fantastic job and refreshing my hair without leaving it feeling too dusty and chalky. I can apply it before bed and not feel like I need to wash my hair for the entirety of the next day. I do find that it's best to apply the volumising dry shampoo in a morning or throughout the day though, just to get the full effects of it. If you sleep on it, surprise surprise, it flattens and looks the same as any of the others I've tried. It is amazing how it works. It's effect reminds me a lot of Umberto Giannini's Backcomb in a bottle. It leaves your roots with plenty of volume without leaving them feeling claggy and full, like how VO5's Instant Oomph Powder left me feeling. 

I was also sent Batiste's new Dry Conditioner, which I'm in love with. If I sleep on unwashed hair that I've straightened or curled, my hair can often get static and need brushing constantly. It can feel as though I've been out in the wind sometimes! This product really does have a positive effect on that. It makes your hair really shiny too. This is a massive positive unless you apply too much - in which case it calls for more dry shampoo! It leaves your hair feeling smooth and soft and smelling gorgeous, as though it's been recently styled. I will definitely be going out and purchasing this once my can runs out!

I don't think that I could live without dry shampoo in my life...Okay...slight exaggeration but it really does give you that little bit of extra confidence when you haven't washed your hair. It makes hectic days just a little bit less stressful! The conditioner is definitely going to be accompanying my busy day routine!

Are you a fan of Batiste too? Which is your favourite from their range? You can buy them here.

Look out for some batiste goodies in the November #theSOproject giveaway!

Lots of love, Steph xxxx


  1. I've always used Batiste but more to take the edge off the grease at weekends or when heading out of an evening as my hair is too greasy at the roots not to wash every day but I'm definitely going to give spraying it in my hair at night a try


    1. Me too usually but I find that if I apply it right it can really help on days when I don't have time to wash my hair :) try it and let me know if it works for you xx

  2. Lovely review! xx I don't know why but I hate dry shampoo it never seems to work for me and my hair always ends up looking worse then it did when I started! haha I wish it worked for me! xx

    1. Try it with my tips :) it was a life saver at school xx

  3. I've never heard of the conditioning spray, might give it a go, had good experiences with the dry shampoo!


    1. I think it's pretty new! It works really well though! You just have to make sure you keep a good distance from your head :) xx

  4. You have some really good tips. I never thought to put on dry shampoo at night. Thanks so much!

  5. I never realised that Batiste did a Dry Conditoner. I must grab a can next time I'm out shopping!

    Lucy x

  6. I think Batiste really is the best dry shampoo, I've tried own brand versions and they really didn't do much but I used Batiste at the last music festival I went to and it really did a good job.
    I'll have to try out the conditioning spray some time

    Carro Blogs Here

  7. The Dry Conditioner sounds great! The dry shampoo always leaves my hair looking dull so I need to get my hands on the conditioner asap!


  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE batitse. My go to product on a limp hair day the XXL volume spray. Miracle worker and life saver. Follow me

  9. I'm exactly the same as you - when I was younger I couldn't go a day without looking like I hadn't washed my hair in a week, until my hairdresser introduced me to batiste, and I haven't looked back since! I completely agree with applying it before bed and not rubbing it in/brushing it out - thats how I find gives the best results xx

  10. I LOVE batiste! I've never found any better! :-) Lovely post.



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