August 21, 2013

Sephora Make Up Palette

Sephora is the best store ever. It is a world or dreams. A heaven on earth. That is, if you're a beauty junkie like me! My first trip into Sephora was back in 2011 when I went on holiday to Florida, but I had heard of it long before then. If you haven't ever been to a Sephora store, imagine all the make up you could ever ever want, all the nail polish colours ever invented (kinda) and skincare products galore, not to mention all of the tools and accessories they sell! I only went to a little store in a mall when I visited Florida, but the store in Paris, where I got this product, is just something else...I wish I could describe in words just how perfect Sephora is. 

I stupidly didn't realise that Sephora had their own brand of make up! I knew that they sold tools, brushes, make up bags etc but I had obviously completely overlooked their make up stand last time I went in! They have their own brand of everything, each in a wide range of colours and it is pretty affordable too. I am rubbish when it comes to impulse buying eyeshadows but I knew that I wanted some and that I wanted to try the Sephora when this palette caught my eye, I knew I wanted it straight away. 

The palette is in the shape of a little Sephora bag, the kind you get when you buy something, and it even has little red, string handles. It is a magnetic palette with a huge mirror, 3 eyeshadows, 3 gel liners,  and two drawers, one containing 12 lip glosses and the other containing 6 highlighters/blushers. I bought the second size of the palette for around £25. There was a much smaller one and obviously a much larger one, but this one looked like it had plenty in it, without me having to spend too much.

So, let's start with the eyeshadows. I was super impressed at how many usable colours you get in this palette. They're all really striking in their own way yet they can be worn without looking like you're 6 years old and stole your Mum's costume make up! They're really smooth and pigmented. I wouldn't say that they're as pigmented as the UD or MAC shadows but they're not far off. They're really buildable too so you can achieve the same colour by just applying a little more. You're provided with so many colours, you can create so many looks. 

The gel liners are okay, I just wish they showed off their glimmer as much on the eye as in the palette. The black one can;t be faulted. It's a black eyeliner and it does what it should! The others however just don't quite make the cut for me, but this is comparing them to my absolute favourites. The brown is okay but it just isn't quite dark enough. The bronze just doesn't show off it's glimmer enough! In the palette the bronze looks glorious, but on the eye it just looks like a pale brown.

The lip glosses are the best I have ever seen in a palette. It makes a change to not have lumps of tinted petroleum! They are literally glosses and you need a brush to apply them, otherwise your finger just sinks into them! Their colour is nice on the lips but not as stand out as I'd like it to be. They, again, are buildable and because of their consistency you're able to wear a couple of layers and not feel like you've caked your lips in vaseline! I really like them anyway. For such an affordable palette they are fantastic. 

Sephora describes the cheek colours as bronzers and blushers but I would definitely say that they're more for blushing and highlighting. They are really well pigmented and the variety of colours means that they suit all skin tones. They're not too powdery either, there isn't much fallout when you apply them. 

Overall I think that this palette is well worth the £25 I paid for it. I've already created so many looks with it and I'm excited to create even more! Sephora, you're amazing.

Have you got any palette recommendations? Have you tried this or anything else from the Sephora range?

Lots of love, lovelies. Steph xxxx


  1. That is beautiful! Your photos are really good and look so professional! xxx

    1. Thanks Lydia - I used my camera rather than my phone! Used the text setting and turned on macro and there you go! :) xx

  2. This looks absolutely perfect!! such a good selection of colours acrosss everything! Great post hun :)

    Rosie xo

    1. It is actually amazing. Such a good all round product! xx

  3. I've always wondered about their palette, so I'm glad to hear you like it! I'm currently using a Tarte palette that was given to me as a gift, but also a True Blood palette that was created with Tarte for the TV show. That one is amazing as well!

  4. They actually look really pigmented and lovely! Well worth the 25 for that many colours :)

    Ruby Duchess

  5. This palette is absolutely stunning! Such a good way of trying lots of different colours without forking out for lots of mono products.

    Danielle /


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