August 31, 2013

My Barratts Beauties

When Barratts contacted me and asked me to review a pair of their shoes, I was over the moon! Who wouldn't be? I mean, it's free shoes! I have always shopped at Barratts, for as long as I can remember. It was my Mamabear's favourite choice for new school shoes and I always (without fail) went for some little Rocket Dogs! More recently, I've loved buying my boots from there, you can always trust their shoes to be fantastic quality and last well.

When given such a huge selection to choose from I was a little overwhelmed! I ended up going for some ballerinas/flats/dollies (whatever you want to call them) seeing as I only have a couple of pairs of them and I am not in need of any boots or coverse-style shoes! Now, you're probably all thinking, why didn't she go for heels?! And the answer is this: My feet are the thinnest feet you will ever seen. I can't wear heels without some sort of strap around my foot and even those sort of shoes often don't fit me due to the sheer teeny-ness of my feet. It takes a full day's shopping for me to find a pair that I like, that actually fit! So that's why I didn't get heels - insoles don't work in heels either, if you ask me. Therefore, I went for a style of shoes that I couldn't really go wrong with.

I chose black, as the only other black, flat shoes I have are my £5 Primark ones that I wear on nights out. Haha, I must sound so boring to you all - black flats of all the things I could have chosen! However, these are really pretty and as they're Barratts they're obviously good quality too.

I love peep toe shoes so much. I think that they are so much prettier than just normal flat shoes. I really like that these shoes have lots of little cut outs too. They're perfect for adding a little cuteness to a casual outfit. I'm really impressed with these shoes and I've been wearing them on a constant! I must say that I did need insoles in these, but it's no hassle and it hasn't stopped me wearing them!

You can buy these shoes from Barratts for just £18!

Barratts also have a blog which you can find here.

Lots of love, Steph xxxx


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