August 07, 2013

GUEST POST: Top Nail Effect Polishes

Hello, sweeties! This is Megan coming to you from Little Miss Average, and I've got a mini round up that I think you're sure to love!

Lately, I've become obsessed with nail effects! Every time I see a new one on the store shelves, I know without fail that I'm about to go home with a new product to try!  I just can't get enough!  And with so many in the polish market, you could practically wear a different kind most days of the month!  Today, I've chosen my three favorite effect polishes from recent shopping trips for you each to see and enjoy!

The first polish that I've been obsessed with is Sally Hansen's Magnetic Nail Color in Polar Purple!  I'd been dying to get my hands on a bottle of magnetic polish ever since early last year when my best friend had started talking about it being popular at the time in the UK!  I'd scour the shelves here in the US, and never see it even though ads were popping up for it everywhere!  Eventually I stopped looking, but a couple months ago I saw a display for them at my local Target and my passion for it was rekindled!  I just adore the little waves the magnetic top make in your polish, and how each nail looks slightly different! No two manicures will be the same!  The only downside to this particular range, in my opinion, is that the color options just weren't very good, so I really only picked this one up for the effect.  Still,, it's a fun little number to wear and apply!

The next polish I've been crushing over is also a Sally Hansen product! This one is the Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat in Wool Lite!  To be completely honest, I was going to pass by this trend, but there was something about this particular shade that made me really want to give it a go!  I guess it is because it reminds me of the 90s, and something that Cher Horowitz from Clueless might wear!  No "As If" from her!  The color is pastel and very preppy, which would make it a lovely spring effect to wear!  The negative to this one is that it does take a ton of coats to build it up properly!  I think I have to use four or five to even begin to see a proper payoff!  But in the end, it doesn't budge too much once you have it on, which is definitely a positive!

The last polish I'll be talking to you about, and this is my personal favorite, is the limited edition Nails Inc. Beaded Polish in Embankment!  I'd been in the market for a Nails Inc. polish for a really long time, but I could never decide on exactly what I wanted. Well, a recent pop in to Sephora changed all of that!  I was over at their display and spotted this polish!  There were nails set up with the polish applied so you could see what the finished product would look like, and it was love at first sight!  I'd been wanting to try the Ciate Caviar Manicure, but after hearing how messy the process was, I thought I'd look for something better!  With everything you need in this one bottle, how could I resist?  It does take about three proper coats to gain full coverage, but when you do it is heavenly!  I spend so much time just staring at how cool my nails look!  The only knock I can give to this particular nail effect is that it does chip within a couple days!  However, it is so easy to repair that nail, that it is almost negligible to me!

So there you have it, my pretties!  The three nail effects that I'm currently crushing on!  Have you joined in on the nail effects craze?  What are your favorites?

Stay gorgeous, honey pies!

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