August 05, 2013

GUEST POST: Top 3 Glittery Topcoats

Hey guys! I’m Beth and I blog over at! Huge thank you to Steph for letting me take over her amazing blog today!

I love glittery topcoats so I’m going to show you my top three. I’m no way a professional when it comes to painting my nails, but I love them looking all sparkly and pretty!

The first one is from Rimmels ‘I heart Lasting Finish’ range in the shade 500 Disco Ball. I love this range as they really do last and they are such a good price! It has small chunks of pink and blue glitter along with even smaller silver pieces, and is so pretty! I’ve worn this over pretty much every colour I own but find it works best over a blue nail polish. This is still available on the Boots website, I picked it up a while ago in store, can’t go wrong for £2.99!

Next up is a Topshop nail polish, I love these but my collection is tiny! I love the dots on the packaging; they look so cute.  Sadly this doesn’t have a name, not one that I can find any way! I really like this one; it has pieces of silver glitter with a green/turquoise tinge to it. I went through a phase of constantly wearing mint coloured polish because this looks amazing over it. I think Topshop nail polishes are mostly £5 which is pretty good if you ask me!

Lastly is a Revlon nail polish in the shade 340 Stunning, I picked this up from Fragrance Direct for 99p, absolute bargain!  It has so many small pieces of silver glitter and then a few larger ones which creates such a lovely effect on the nail! I love Revlon nail polishes and have purchased most of mine from Fragrance Direct! Why pay £5.99 when you can pay 99p?

What are your favourite top coats?
Beth x

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  1. I love love love topshop top coats the different bits of glitter put them a step ahead of everyone else! What do you think of models own, their Ibiza mix is one of my all time faves?


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