August 03, 2013

GUEST POST: Five Summer Essentials

Well hello there to all of Steph's lovely readers! I'm Hannah from Hannah's Beauty Blog, and while Steph is off on her holidays in France (the lucky gal) I'm doing my first ever guest blog post here all about my favourite summer beauty products and essentials I couldn't live without, which seems pretty fitting with the recent weather we've had here in the UK.

So in no particular order...

1: Bright Lipstick

I don't know about you but when it comes to summer I can't resist a good bright lipstick, a particular favourite of mine being bright pink. In the winter I feel like I can't really wear a bright pink and tend to steer more towards darker shades and even nudes, so as soon as I get the chance in the summer I reach straight for the pinks. My absolute favourite at the minute is the L'Oreal Color Riche Intense lipstick in the shade Pink Fever, which is a bright pink, blue toned fuchsia shade and your perfect barbie pink. I also love the Maybelline Super Stay 14hour lipstick in the shade Neverending Pink, which althought doesn't beat the L'Oreal one in terms of colour, the smell is absolutely gorgeous. It smells like raspberries, almost good enough to eat...

2: BB Cream

In this heat, who can be bothered with foundation? I hate the feeling of having anything too heavy on my skin, and even my beloved L'Oreal Lumi Magique has been pushed aside in recent weeks, only coming out if I'm really making the effort. My ultimate favourite BB Cream that I recommend to everyone is the Dr Jart+ Regenerating BB Cream. Coverage wise it's amazing for a BB Cream, it lasts all day, and it even has SPF 30!  This one is particularly good if you have dry skin as it doesn't stick to any pesky flaky patches, however if you have oilier skin the Water Fuse one will probably be more suitable.

3: Sun Cream!

If this list had been in order of importance, this would have definitely been at the top. I know, I know, everyone knows to use suncream, but every year I see people posting pictures of themselves on the likes of Twitter and Facebook showing how burnt they are. It's almost as if they are bragging, yet it's nothing to be proud of as all it's doing is damaging their skin. I have very fair skin so have to be extra careful, and the sun cream I've been loving recently are from the Boots Soltan range. I had the specific face one in 50+ but couldn't photograph it as my mam has currently stolen it and pottered off to Italy, but I'd really recommend it as it had both UVA and UVB protection and felt very light on the skin. There's nothing worse than having a greasy, sun cream covered face! The product I have photographed is from the Boots Soltan range again, and it's from their 'Once' range. It's marketed for kids as 'play all day', meaning you put it on once and it lasts 8 hours unless you go in water. It's SPF 30 and I think it's a really good product as sometimes when you're out and about you don't want to keep having to top up. Just be careful when wearing white clothes though as you don't want any staining!

4: Summery Wedges

I don't usually mention fashion much in my blog (although I do plan to), but I couldn't write a summer essentials post without mentioning wedges as I literally live in mine over the summer. I love that they can either be dressed up or down, and it means if I'm going somewhere dressy I can leave the heels at home! As much as I love wearing a nice pair of heels, when you're hot and bothered it's just not what you need, so wedges are definitely the way forward! These are my three favourite pairs, and they are all from New Look. I got the stripy ones last year so they won't be in stock, but the other two pairs I just got recently in the sale, for £10 and £12 each! I couldn't resist getting them both as they were such a bargain, and I know I'll get a lot of use out of them, especially the denim ones which I think are rather cute. You can't really see the black ones, but they are basically just black wedges with the wedge bit being patterned with random stripes :)

5: Something Refreshing

This is a bit broad, but when you're nearly melting there's nothing nicer than something nice and refreshing to cool you down. Some reach for an ice cold glass of coke, I reach for my Avene Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water Spay. It's a lovely spray water that instantly refreshes your face when you're feeling a bit on the hot side, and has a few added skincare benefits too that will perk up your skin in this summer heat.

If you don't fancy a spritz of this then I'd recommend a Vimto or Fruit Pastel ice lolly. Yum.

I hope you've enjoyed my little summer essentials post, I'd love to hear what your favourite products are for this summer and what your favourite products are to cope with this heat! If you'd like to read a bit about me and more of what I write about then you'll find me at where I blog a few times a week about beauty products, my life, and the odd cupcake recipe! 

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