August 31, 2013

My Barratts Beauties

When Barratts contacted me and asked me to review a pair of their shoes, I was over the moon! Who wouldn't be? I mean, it's free shoes! I have always shopped at Barratts, for as long as I can remember. It was my Mamabear's favourite choice for new school shoes and I always (without fail) went for some little Rocket Dogs! More recently, I've loved buying my boots from there, you can always trust their shoes to be fantastic quality and last well.

When given such a huge selection to choose from I was a little overwhelmed! I ended up going for some ballerinas/flats/dollies (whatever you want to call them) seeing as I only have a couple of pairs of them and I am not in need of any boots or coverse-style shoes! Now, you're probably all thinking, why didn't she go for heels?! And the answer is this: My feet are the thinnest feet you will ever seen. I can't wear heels without some sort of strap around my foot and even those sort of shoes often don't fit me due to the sheer teeny-ness of my feet. It takes a full day's shopping for me to find a pair that I like, that actually fit! So that's why I didn't get heels - insoles don't work in heels either, if you ask me. Therefore, I went for a style of shoes that I couldn't really go wrong with.

I chose black, as the only other black, flat shoes I have are my £5 Primark ones that I wear on nights out. Haha, I must sound so boring to you all - black flats of all the things I could have chosen! However, these are really pretty and as they're Barratts they're obviously good quality too.

I love peep toe shoes so much. I think that they are so much prettier than just normal flat shoes. I really like that these shoes have lots of little cut outs too. They're perfect for adding a little cuteness to a casual outfit. I'm really impressed with these shoes and I've been wearing them on a constant! I must say that I did need insoles in these, but it's no hassle and it hasn't stopped me wearing them!

You can buy these shoes from Barratts for just £18!

Barratts also have a blog which you can find here.

Lots of love, Steph xxxx

August 30, 2013

The Sunshine Award

When Beth from nominated me for the Sunshine Award I was absolutely clueless as to what it was, much like everyone else it would seem! I read all about it on Beth's post and got myself clued up, so when Lydia from Lovely Jubbly nominated me too, I was chuffed to bits! The Sunshine Award is an award given to bloggers who brighten your day and encourage you to grow as both a blogger and a blog! Thank you both very much for nominating me too :)

The rules are as follows:

  1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you.
  2. Post the award logo.
  3. Nominate 5 blogs.
  4. Share 7 facts about yourself!
So before we get onto my nominations, here are 7 facts about me:

  1. I am a dog person. If you follow my instagram, you'll probably have realised this by now, but I really am a dog fan. We bought our first puppy, a westie, when I was about 3 and we had him until he was 14 years old and unfortunately died. Since then we have had 3 new little doggies, two of which we still have today! We have had so many cats and none of them have made it past 2 years old. Nothing to do with us, they just kept getting run over! I think that, as a family, we just repel them...
  2. I'm a huge fan of The Walking Dead. I reckon that people think I'd be a wuss when it comes to zombies, but The Walking Dead is one of the best programmes ever, almost as good as Grey's Anatomy (notice I said almost...).
  3. I couldn't care less about weather or not the weather would ruin my hair. I hate people who wouldn't do something in case their make up or hair got ruined, it's just ridiculous! Get over yourselves! Come at me rain, wind, snow.
  4. I don't like chips. I know, I'm sorry! I will eat them but I'd much rather have my potatoes any other way!
  5. I have really bad road rage. My language isn't amazing as it is. I don't swear on a constant but if I make a mistake the "S" word is bound to come out... However, when I drive, I'm like a completely different person. If you pull out on me, I will call you a bad name, same goes if you drive at 20 in a 40, or if you don't indicate. I'm really sorry about this...I just can't help it :/
  6. I don't like Coca-Cola. I think it's vile, I mean, you can drop pennies in it and they come out clean, why would you want that inside of you?
  7. My favourite film (at present) is Brave. I love Disney so much it's unreal. I've been to Disneyland Paris 6 times and Disney World Florida twice. So I reckon it goes without saying that my favourite film would be Disney. I just love that "I will ride, I will fly.." song so much, it makes my heart melt! (Aww, cheesy or what?!)
There's my 7 facts! Let me know what you think to them, haha!

Now for my nominations, I look forward to seeing your facts:

Adrienne at Late Night Nonsense
Jodie at Mwah Makeup

Lots of love, Steph xxxx

August 27, 2013

Starting Off: Skincare

I think that having/getting bad skin is such a downer when you're experimenting with make up, even if you've been using it years. It's taken me ages to find skin care products that really suit my skin and it's been a nightmare journey of spots, blemishes and dry patches, but I think I've cracked it.

So first off, I thought I'd introduce you to my skin. Say hello to a combination-oily gal! I've *touch wood* never had real noticeable acne but my skin is very prone to pimples, particularly on my forehead and chin. I occasionally get huge spots (lumps) too that never really amount to anything, they just hurt like a bruise and look really red! I'm a real sufferer of open pores (you know, the little dots all over and around your nose?) and it really bothered me when I was younger and to be honest, it still does today. I've been experimenting with different skincare products for a number of years now and have found some staple items that I find essential for keeping spots and pimples at bay.

A skincare must-have is face wipes! You can find face wipes to suit your skin type pretty easily as there are just so many types and brands! I find that the Simple range is perfect for cleaning your face up and they do a fantastic job at removing make up too! I try to take off my make up before bed every day, but let's face it, nobody is perfect and this doesn't happen. I do it most days but not all of the time. On the mornings after those dirty skin nights I can always tell that I've made a mistake - the pimples worsen, the dark circles get worse....just use your face wipes, okay?

I think that the best product for keeping your skin clear is most definitely an exfoliator. I've tried and tested so many but the ones that I always go back to are the Neutrogena ones. Not only do they exfoliate but they cleanse leave your skin really smooth and leave pores noticeably reduced. A lot of exfoliators can dry your skin out but I've never found these ones to do that. They're just perfect for leaving your skin soft and clean! I can use these every day without irritation too. The one I'm loving at the minute is Pore and Shine by Neutrogena. I definitely think that it's a good idea to find an exfoliator with both small and large beads in, or if not, go for ones with just smaller beads in. I've found that the exfoliators with only large beads don't tend to do as good a job.

It's really important to cleanse and tone your skin if you want to keep it in tip-top condition! I'm a huge fan of the No7 skincare range and I've been loving their Soft & Soothed range for years now. I apply the cleanser with a cotton pad all over my face and then do the same with the toner, without rinsing. My skin is always left feeling fab and smelling fresh after using these! Together, cleansers and toners remove any all make up, dead skin cells or skin pollutants that have built up on your skin over time. It's certainly a good idea to use them if you struggle with spots or acne.

Moisturisers are always a tough one. I have tried a countless number of them and I still don't think that I've found the perfect one for me. It's all about striking a balance! You don't want your moisturiser to make you shiny, nor clog your pores! At the minute I'm enjoying using Nivea's Hydrating Primer. Not only does it hydrate your face but it acts as a base for your make up too. It smells fresh and somewhat floral.

Good skin is great for your self confidence and not only does it have a positive effect in that respect, it's so so much easier to apply make up when your skin is clear!

What are your favourite skincare products? Have you used any of the ones I use?
Post links to your first #theSOproject post down below!

Lots of love, Steph xxxx

August 25, 2013

The Starting Off Project Deadline

I have been having a debate in my mind about this - whether to even have a deadline, if there is one when should it be? But I've made a few decisions!

  • My official deadline for taking emails and blog links to send out all of the official info is tonight, Sunday 25th August at MIDNIGHT
  • You can still join in on #theSOproject even if you haven't emailed me. This could apply if you've been reading for a couple weeks and want in on the action or just miss MY deadline. I will not be emailing these people updates so please don't bombard me with emails asking for them! (Sorry to sounds harsh!) The only other way this will affect you is when it comes to the giveaway I plan to hold. The giveaway will allow you to enter more than once if you've been a part of the project. As you won't be on my official list, you will miss out on this privilege. 
This is the only way I can think of preventing myself having an overwhelming amount of work to do but letting as many of you join in as possible. I'm sorry about the whole giveaway thing, if you email me once the project is over with links to some of your project posts, I will try and find the time to add you to my list! There will be loads of other ways that you can enter yourself into the giveaway though - I promise!

I really am sorry about having to do this - also very happy that so many of you want to get involved - but once the project starts and I'm back at uni it's going to be a struggle to keep up with emailing newbies to the project!

Lots of love - Steph xxxx



The first set of posts for The Starting Off Project will be posted at 6pm on Tuesday 27th August! For those of you still unsure of what #theSOproject is all about, it is a blogger project/series with the aim of reaching out to make up newbies/younger teens/anyone looking for make up tips. Each week (6pm on Tuesdays!) myself and 120 other bloggers will be posting about a different type of product, talking about what the product does, how it is used and some of our own experiences and favourites!

The weeks include (in order):

  • Skincare
  • Concealer
  • Foundation
  • Bronzer
  • Blusher
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyeshadow
  • Lips
  • Make up tools

There will also be a few intro/concluding posts popping up here and there - so look out for those too!

I am pleased to announce that I have a finalised list of all of the wonderful bloggers who have asked to be involved in The Starting Off Project - look out for their buttons on their page!

Lor Jay
Life of a housewife
Words of wisdom


I can't wait to get started and see all of your posts! Remember to look out for and use the hashtag #theSOproject so we can all have a chat on Tuesday evenings!

Thank you all so much for helping me make this happen :)

Lots of love, Steph xxxxx

August 23, 2013

The Look Of My Summer - #SocialReporter Entry

I know how much the "cropped" look has been on trend and you can buy skater skirts almost anyway, so for this look I worked both of these trends, teaming them with what this summer has been to me. To me, this summer has been all about bright colours, stand out prints and bold accessorising. 

I am a big sucker for following trends, but I tend to look for items of clothing that, not only would suit me but stand out from the crowd, kinda. I understand that that sounds contradictory. How can you follow trends but also want to stand out? I believe that you can and that is what I've tried to achieve with this look. I've followed the Summer trend of the crop top, but I've chosen a bright orange, stand out jumper rather than a tight fitting, graphic print tee. Orange is my favourite colour, I'm talking the brightest of the bright when it comes to orange, almost neon. So when I stumbled across this cropped jumper in Topshop a couple of months ago I had to have it.

I like to think that I managed the same with my skirt. The skater skirt has been a massive hit this year but I chose a black and white, dog tooth patterned skirt for this styling, rather than throwing on one of my more plain, denim effect ones. I think that the print of this skirt is stand out enough to look different, but not so much so that it's hard to wear. The monochrome colouring means that you can wear it with any colour. I bought this skirt from Miss Selfridge and it's been a staple piece for me this summer.

When it comes to my hair, I've found myself turning towards a more natural look and keeping it straight. I think that with the heat of this UK Summer, it's been too hard to keep curls or waves looking tidy, so I've just stuck with my natural hairstyle; straight. I think that with the colours and prints I've gone for with this outfit, anything too over the top would just look out of place. 

I've been loving my spikey necklace, from Warehouse, this Summer. It's so stand out that you can wear it on top of any block colour and it brings a whole new level to your outfit. Big, chunky necklaces have been a must-have in 2013 and this is by far my favourite. Studs were also a big trend earlier in the year and I feel that this necklace ties in that style too. 

I'm all about tan leather. I think that it is perfect in the Summer months. I don't know what it is exactly, but I just love having tan leather accessories. My watch, from Michael Kors, was given to me as a christmas present and there hasn't been a day this past few months that I haven't worn it. When teamed with my tan leather Ted Baker bag I feel like the outfit is pulled together somehow. As much as I love clashing it's all about the matching bag, shoes and watch. Which is why my sandals are also a tan leather, with a hint of coral, from Warehouse.

Ombré. Ombré hair, ombré clothes, ombré nails - massive trend all over the world! I learnt how to paint my nails ombré after reading a blog post on it and it's been my go-to nail art this Summer. It's such an easy look to create. For this look in particular, I went for a stand out turquoise gradient. The colour clashes with my jumper and the ombré clashes with the print on my skirt. Yet I feel that it manages to tie in. 

I've been keeping my make up quite same-y through Summer. A neutral face and eye with a bold lip. Today I went for a bright red lip. I feel that I've been doing so a lot lately.

I wanted this look to tie in everything I've been loving this Summer and I feel that I've just about cracked it. We've got the bright colours, bold prints, crop tops, skater skirts and all of the other trends I've been loving in Summer 2013.

Have you got what it takes? 

August 22, 2013

Today's Look 22/08/13

Well the british weather seems to be on the up for the second time this summer, so this morning I traded in my leggings for my favourite ever dress.

This dress was £24.99 from Cameo Rose at New Look and it has the most gorgeous floral pattern. The material is polyester and it has that kind of bumpy texture that seems to be really on trend at the minute. This dress pulls in at the waist and it also has a ruched neckline which I think makes it really flattering. I just think that the floral print is really summery and as it ties in a lot of colours it's really easy to accessorise. I am a massive fan of floral print as it's just so pretty and feminine - perfect for girly days!

To accessorise the only thing I wore was my Michael Kors watch as I think that the print is bold enough to be left alone! I got this watch for christmas and I wear it nearly everyday!

I bought my shoes from New Look a couple of years ago and have managed to keep them in pretty good condition! They're a lovely coral colour with a gold underlay and they are perfect for sunny days. I think that with all of the colours on a floral print dress you're able to team it with so many colours of shoe or sandal that you can't go wrong really!

And for today's make up I wore my faves! Nivea Hydrating Primer for starters with my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation. As a bronzer I wore the infamous chocolate bronzer by Bourjois and on my cheeks I wore the brightest pink from my Sephora Palette (see post below!). For my brows I used my ever faithful Urban Decay Brow Box in Honey Pot! I used Urban Decay Primer Potion to prime my eyes and then applied the top row, second from the left baby pink eyeshadow from the Sephora Palette to my eyelids! My liquid eyeliner is Collection's Extreme 24hr Felt Tip Liner (THE BEST EVER) and my mascara is Lash Domination by bareMinerals. On the lips is Maybelline's Superstay 14hr Lipstick in Stay With Me Coral!

For my hair I used my GHD straighteners to create a really subtle wave.

And there you go, that's how I created today's look! I must apologise for the silly poses! Do you guys like this sort of post? Do you use any of the same make up items as me?

Would love to hear from you!

Lots of love, lovelies. Steph xxxx

P.S. Here's a cheeky blooper! Going to grab the camera back I think!

August 21, 2013

Sephora Make Up Palette

Sephora is the best store ever. It is a world or dreams. A heaven on earth. That is, if you're a beauty junkie like me! My first trip into Sephora was back in 2011 when I went on holiday to Florida, but I had heard of it long before then. If you haven't ever been to a Sephora store, imagine all the make up you could ever ever want, all the nail polish colours ever invented (kinda) and skincare products galore, not to mention all of the tools and accessories they sell! I only went to a little store in a mall when I visited Florida, but the store in Paris, where I got this product, is just something else...I wish I could describe in words just how perfect Sephora is. 

I stupidly didn't realise that Sephora had their own brand of make up! I knew that they sold tools, brushes, make up bags etc but I had obviously completely overlooked their make up stand last time I went in! They have their own brand of everything, each in a wide range of colours and it is pretty affordable too. I am rubbish when it comes to impulse buying eyeshadows but I knew that I wanted some and that I wanted to try the Sephora when this palette caught my eye, I knew I wanted it straight away. 

The palette is in the shape of a little Sephora bag, the kind you get when you buy something, and it even has little red, string handles. It is a magnetic palette with a huge mirror, 3 eyeshadows, 3 gel liners,  and two drawers, one containing 12 lip glosses and the other containing 6 highlighters/blushers. I bought the second size of the palette for around £25. There was a much smaller one and obviously a much larger one, but this one looked like it had plenty in it, without me having to spend too much.

So, let's start with the eyeshadows. I was super impressed at how many usable colours you get in this palette. They're all really striking in their own way yet they can be worn without looking like you're 6 years old and stole your Mum's costume make up! They're really smooth and pigmented. I wouldn't say that they're as pigmented as the UD or MAC shadows but they're not far off. They're really buildable too so you can achieve the same colour by just applying a little more. You're provided with so many colours, you can create so many looks. 

The gel liners are okay, I just wish they showed off their glimmer as much on the eye as in the palette. The black one can;t be faulted. It's a black eyeliner and it does what it should! The others however just don't quite make the cut for me, but this is comparing them to my absolute favourites. The brown is okay but it just isn't quite dark enough. The bronze just doesn't show off it's glimmer enough! In the palette the bronze looks glorious, but on the eye it just looks like a pale brown.

The lip glosses are the best I have ever seen in a palette. It makes a change to not have lumps of tinted petroleum! They are literally glosses and you need a brush to apply them, otherwise your finger just sinks into them! Their colour is nice on the lips but not as stand out as I'd like it to be. They, again, are buildable and because of their consistency you're able to wear a couple of layers and not feel like you've caked your lips in vaseline! I really like them anyway. For such an affordable palette they are fantastic. 

Sephora describes the cheek colours as bronzers and blushers but I would definitely say that they're more for blushing and highlighting. They are really well pigmented and the variety of colours means that they suit all skin tones. They're not too powdery either, there isn't much fallout when you apply them. 

Overall I think that this palette is well worth the £25 I paid for it. I've already created so many looks with it and I'm excited to create even more! Sephora, you're amazing.

Have you got any palette recommendations? Have you tried this or anything else from the Sephora range?

Lots of love, lovelies. Steph xxxx

August 18, 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips

I was so determined not to jump on this bandwagon. I've known about Baby Lips for a long time now and I couldn't understand why people raved about them so much. I have tried a countless number of lip balms and I must say that none have stood out to me, nor have any done anything to make me go "WOW!". I was literally like, "But it's just a coloured lip balm...what's the big deal?"

Whilst in France I ordered myself a couple of bits from Boots and thought that for £2.99 I might as well try these things and see what all of this fuss is about. I ordered myself Cherry Me (pictured, orange) as it looked quite heavily pigmented and I figured that whether or not I fell in love with it I'd still use it as I love a good lip balm in my handbag/at the side of my bed/before I apply make up.

For the first couple days I didn't understand. It really is just a lip balm that adds a bit of pink to your lips. However, after one weeks worth of use I can confirm that I am addicted to using this. I don't know if it's the pink sheen that is added to my lips, the gorgeous cherry scent that reminds me of when I was little, or the fact that it only cost me £2.99 that makes me love it so much. But whatever it is, it made me want to buy three more. To apply, they glide on like a lip balm should do, but they're finish is far glossier and in my opinion, less sticky.

After buying Intense Care, Pink Punch and Peach Kiss I can confirm that this range is worth the hype. They're really hydrating and smooth and you don't seem to go through loads to get a good covering. Their longevity is great too, particularly the more pigmented ones - colour stays put even after eating. My personal favourite is Pink Punch. It gives a bright pink colour to my lips as well as keeping them super soft. I've been using it all week as a go-to lip colour and it's just a bonus that it' hydrating too!

EDIT/GETTING MY FACTS STRAIGHT: So I recently found out that Baby Lips contain petroleum so they can't be "hydrating" as such. However I have to disagree with those that say Baby Lips aren't hydrating at all. They don't add moisture to your lips as such but they do lock it in. I am a firm believer that without Vaseline my lips would be far drier than they are, and seeing as baby lips contain the same ingredients, the same goes for them. Also, they don't dry my lips out like some lipsticks can do, nor do they leave my lips feeling the same as they did before I applied them. So therefore, to me - they're hydrating! 

I really want to buy the rest of this range but I'm on a spending ban at the minute so it will just have to wait! I reckon I have enough to keep me going, don't you? ;)

Have you tried this range yet? Were you as impressed as me? You can buy Baby Lips here.

Lots of love, lovelies.
Steph xxxx

August 13, 2013

The "Starting Off" Project Idea


I want to start a blogger series called "Starting Off". Each week I want to outline a specific product, for example, foundation, eyeliner, bronzer etc and talk about how you use it, your experiences with it personally (i.e. have you had any mishaps/cringe moments?) and a few of your favourites (both high end and bargains) and their prices etc. I am really keen to give some advice to those just starting with make up because it's easy to not understand how to use a product properly or have an epic cringe phase where your foundation is way too dark... Ideally I want to get as many blogger involved as possible because I'd love for this to go big! 

What does this sound like? I was thinking of starting it in a few weeks and having it run for 9 weeks. So a week for; Concealer, foundation, bronzer, blusher, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick and then a post to summarise. The plan is that every blogger that gets involved writes their posts for all of the separate products on we all schedule our posts to go online at the same time and day in the week that it is, for example if it is a bronzer week or blusher week etc etc!

What do I want from you?

A post once a week, for 9 weeks, on the chosen product for that week, outlining how you apply it, experiences you've had with it and some brands of that products you've tried/use now. We're basically giving advice to newbies to the world of make up! If you don't use one of the products, then you don't have to get involved that week - just get involved in the ones for the products you do use!

Dates and times for each post will be sent out to all email addresses sent to me by the end of next week!

What do you think? Do you fancy getting involved?

Please share and follow my twitter @stephsvoice for updates! Also email if you like the sound of this! If you don't get an email immediately then don't worry, it's probably because I want to send out info in bulk.

Click follow ------> for updates!

Excited to hear from you! Love, Steph xxxx

August 12, 2013

Growing Your Hair And Keeping It In Good Condition

I am by no means a hair expert but over the years I've had my hair in numerous styles yet it's long hair I keep coming back to! At the moment my hair is in the best condition it's ever been in all the time I've had it long so I wanted to share with you all how I've managed it! I know that most of these hints and tips will be obvious to many of you, but to those whom they aren't, I definitely recommend you give them a try.

October 2010

August 2013


I can't stress just how important this is. Whilst growing your hair out, getting it trimmed seems rally daunting. When I grew my hair out whilst still in school I completely avoided getting it cut for nearly a year. It grew, alright! But it was in such bad condition. It was split ends galore and it was so dry that the very ends would just snap off or look fried. Getting your hair trimmed keeps split ends at bay meaning that when your hair does grow you're not going to be left with straggly ends. I don't necessarily believe that trimming your hair makes it grow...but it keeps it in tip top condition which is what you want for your hair when it is long and luscious!


Now, this doesn't mean that you have to stop blow drying completely, but it is a good idea to avoid it whenever possible. Blow drying too often dries your hair out and leaves it more prone to split ends. It also increases frizz. So for those of you that think your hair looks frizzier when you leave it to dry naturally, you're probably going to be wrong in the long run... Something I advise is to wash your hair when you get home on an evening and allow it to dry before you go to bed. When you get into bed, spray a little dry shampoo on the areas of your hair more prone to grease - leave it on - and when you wake up in the morning you're hair will feel freshly washed and there will be no grey dry shampoo in sight. Another handy tip is to get a really powerful hair dryer i.e one with a higher watt value (if that's what you call it... :S). The more powerful, the faster it will dry your hair. You ideally want to spend as little time as possible blow drying your hair to reduce the damage caused by the heat.


As above, you want to use heated tools as little as possible - and if it's frizz you're worried about...only use the styling tools on areas you feel you NEED to.  I probably straighten my hair 3 or 4 times a week.  I do think it's possible to straighten or curl your hair and still keep it in good condition. It's just a case of being careful with how often you use them!


Heat protection sprays, serums and hair oils are your best friends when it comes to long hair. Heat protection spray is key. I wish I knew how it worked - but I don't - all I know is that it does!! I use the VO5 spray but I've used so many different ones in the past. Make sure you read the label as to when to apply them, you don't want to be putting a product meant for wet hair onto dry hair now do you? Hair masks and deep conditioners are definitely a good idea. Using them too often can make your hair a little  greasy but there are so many out there to choose from that you can find out perfect for you! My favourite is the Beautiful Ends Cream from Herbal Essences. It smells like rasberries and works a treat! Something I've recently become a massive fan of is hair oil. In the summer months it is even more key. The two I have are the VO5 Miracle Concentrate Hair Oil and and L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil. Both work just as well as one another but the VO5 one just smells gorgeous. I apply them to damp hair and either leave it to dry naturally or give it a quick blow dry. All of these types of product help with locking moisture into your hair and I can't recommend using them more.


At least 3 times I week I will leave my hair to dry naturally and have it up in either a ponytail or a bun the entire day. This really helps your hair as it isn't being fiddled with or heat damaged and you can create some really gorgeous looks by having your hair up!

By taking on board these handy tips I hope you'll have as much success in growing your hair as I have had. Remember, everyone's hair is different and yours will grow at its own pace. Just bare with it and see where you end up!

What are your tips for keeping hair in good condition? Does your hair grow fast or slow?! I'd love to hear from you :)

Lots of love, lovelies xxxx

August 11, 2013

Bourjois Cream Blush in 04 Sweet Cherry

So whilst I was in France I ordered myself a cheeky delivery from Boots so that I'd have some treats waiting for me when I got home! I saw that Bourjois had a 3 for 2 offer on and also a free pair of sunglasses was on offer! I didn't own a lot of bourjois make up..literally a blusher... so I figured I'd give them a go.


Bourjois are known for their little pot blushes so I was a little bit excited when I saw my fellow  tweeting about their new cream ones. Therefore this was the first item I added to my basket during the spree! I chose the cream blush in shade 04 which is Sweet Cherry. I would say that it is in no way a cherry colour - it's more of a deep rose - so what an odd name to give it! I was initially very surprised by how tiny the product is and how little you get. The packaging is obviously very cute - something I think that Bourjois pride themselves on, but it's very lightweight. If I didn't know Bourjois as a brand, I think I'd be put off by the teeny size of the pot. You are provided with 2.5g of product. This seems tiny to me... I'm kinda a cream blush newbie though so I don't know if it's just that a little goes a long way so you need less than an average powder blush...? I'm not sure!

The consistency truly is cream to powder, as it blush describes itself to be. It reminds me a lot of 
Benefit's Some Kinda Gorgeous in it's texture. However, Bourjois say that this blush is "incredibly blendable" and I wish I agreed. I first attempted to apply this blush with my RT Contour Brush - which I've been using a lot for blush lately - and it literally sank into the blush and appeared to be nowhere to be seen when it had dried! Applying it with fingers does aid this and as the blush is highly pigmented you don't need too much, but I can't help but feel a bit disappointed with the blendability of this product. (Is blendability even a word?!)

Something I am very fond of is the colour of this blush. Like I said, it's a deep rose colour and it looks lovely with a soft make up look. It lasts pretty well too. I think that it's the cream to powder quality that gives this longevity. 

I am reasonably pleased that I purchased this but I'm not over the moon and it's definitely not a favourite. Have you tried the Bourjois cream blushes? What do you think to them?

Lots of love, lovelies xxx