July 17, 2013

YSL Babydoll Mascara

Move over MAC Opulash Optimum Black! I have a new favourite! My mum bought some perfumes from Debenhams the other day and got their essential beauty miniatures travel kit free! Mum isn't a miniatures fan so she gave me most of the things that were in there. This mascara being one of them. I had seen it being advertised as I am a pretty big Cara D fan but I tend to buy cheaper mascaras generally and the MAC one was a mascara adventure for me so I had never considered buying this until now.

This mascara is actually insane. It defines lashes so so well and it's super easy to reach all the tiny lashes that are often a struggle to reach. It doesn't get a gathering of product at the end of the brush, nor does it clump. It glides onto your eyelashes and separates them perfectly. The applicator is plastic but it is much softer than others I have tried, including Benefit's They're Real. The bristles are so teeny - I don't quite understand how it works so well. Yet it does. It doesn't flake or smudge off but it's still easy to remove with a make up wipe.

I am in love with this mascara and tomorrow I am heading straight to House Of Fraser to buy the full size version for £24.50. I think it will be worth every penny. It's like wearing false lashes!

If you like the look of it then you can buy it at http://www.yslbeauty.co.uk/make-up/colour-collections/baby-doll/baby-doll-mascara.aspx

Lots of love
Steph xx


  1. Really want to try this mascara xx

    1. It's incredible! I bought the full size the other day - you can see how pretty the packaging is on my instagram! :) xx


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