July 03, 2013

My Very Exciting News!

After my freebie haul at Meadowhall - Sheffield, I emailed their careline to thank their Beauty Staff for their kindness and helpfulness and along with that I gave them my blog details and said that I would be happy to review or blog about anything in the future that they wished me to. I also wished them luck with their Girls Night In event on the 4th July. 

I was out for lunch with friends earlier in the week and I received what I think was possibly the best email ever. Meadowhall had passed on my details onto a Sheffield PR company who had then invited me to blog about the event, and the most exciting thing....they invited me to INTERVIEW LYDIA BRIGHT - former towie star and owner of Bella Sorella! 

So tomorrow I will be heading off to Meadowhall for a girly evening! I can't wait. I am also hoping to make my first ever Vlog whilst I am there and get a YouTube channel going too! Now to plan my make up, hair and make up..oh and obviously nails! 

Wish me luck my lovelies!! 

Steph xx

All smiles today!


  1. Ahh well done! That sounds amazing, good luck! :)


    1. Thanks girls! I can't wait :D xx

  2. Oohhhh.... Huge Well Done To You!
    Enjoy Yourself! *smile*


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