July 26, 2013

My Student Loan Wishlist...

Now I'm calling this my Student Loan Wishlist because that's when I'll next be in the money! However - I do need my loan to survive in Leeds so in reality I will only buy a couple of these and the rest will go straight onto the christmas list. 

If you look back on my blog you will see that I reviewed this foundation as I was given a 7 day trial of it at the Meadowhall Girls Night In. It's safe to say that the sample has left me wanting more and I will be very sad when my little pot runs out! It's so sheer and light and the shade I was given is perfect for my skin tone. It gives a really pretty look and I am desperate for the full size!

I saw that a beauty blogger had made it to the Daily Mail reviewing this product and she was fair skinned like myself and it had made such a gorgeous difference. It looked like it covered so well and was streak free. I have actually asked my mum to pick this up for me if she sees it whilst I am away, and if she doesn't get it I might cave and order it online. I love a good fake tan to make me look a little less ghostly.

I'm just intrigued by this so i really want to try it. A spray on moisturiser! How cool!?

I got a sample of this with a purchase I made at Sephora like 3 years ago and it worked so well. Back then, I didn't care for BB Creams as I had the No7 Tinted Moisturiser which did the trick for me coverage-wise. However I realised that that didn't do many favours for my skin oil-wise and moved onto BB Creams when they peaked in the UK. I've tried a few but none were as good as my skin felt with this one on it. I didn't even realise it was sold here until I became a beauty blogger! So this is definitely something I hope to have in my grasp soon!

The Holy Grail of topcoats...so I've heard! I'm very loyal to the nailsinc. topcoats but so many of you have recommended me this that I am going to have to buy it and see what the fuss is about!

What's on your wishlist? Have you tried any of the products on mine?

Do let me know, I love reading your comments and seeing that people are reading :)

Lots of love,
Steph xx


  1. Looks like a perfect wishlist. I've never heard of Dr Jart but sounds good xx

    1. Oh my - you need to try it. It's so good! :D x

  2. I have tried the Seche Vite but I personally didn't like it. It was very thick and got gloopy very quickly. I didn't think it dried that quick, My orly top coat/Sally Hansen dried quicker in my eyes, but I could have been putting it on too thick...I don't know! But as you said for many its a "holy grail".


    1. Very interesting to see what different people think to it. I'm pretty happy with my nailsinc. topcoats atm so I might just stick with them for a while after hearing a few negative reviews!

      Lots of love xx


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