July 11, 2013

Meadowhall Girls Night In Full Review

I couldn't quite believe it when I got the invitation from Charlotte at MK Things Happen to blog about their Girls' Night In event as I haven't been blogging very long at all - 4 weeks today actually! But obviously I jumped at the chance as I knew what a great opportunity had been presented to me! I thought I would make this blog post a review of my general experience that most of you could have had! But I will obviously throw in some bits of pieces on how I got some more samples and treatments.

To sum up the Girls' Night In it was an event organised at Meadowhall with discounts and offers galore! It was in fact a bit like a Student Lock In - only for girls of all ages. You had to register online and present a copy of your email at one of the desks to receive a pink wristband that let you make use of all the lovely offers. As well as the shops that were always at Meadowhall having offers on, there were lots of little pop up stalls, from a Race For Life Sign Up stand to Lydia Bright's Bella Sorella boutique!

There was little bits and bobs going on throughout the night. There was a "How To Walk In Heels" catwalk show and a Fashion Show in Debenhams. Gary Cockerill, celebrity make up artist was showing off some of his skills and there were also demonstrations from Illamasqua and others. You could get manicures throughout the mall - Lipsy were even doing in-store manicures - and there was a lady doing manicures using Leighton Denny products too. I would have made use of this were I not a manicure snob haha!

In Debenhams, Boots and House of Fraser there were numerous consultations, both skincare and beauty - a few of which I made use of. At every beauty/skincare counter I visited I explained who I was and what I was there for and everyone I spoke to was so keen to get involved!

I was given some St Tropez samples and loooooads of Philosphy samples (and a bag!!) when I first got to Debenhams and the two ladies I spoke to were so kind. They gave me information on who to contact for more help with samples and events for my blog and just generally gave me so much - both sample and information-wise - to take away with me! The lady at YSL was also really kind. She gave me a foundation match consultation and gave me other samples, explaining to me how they worked as she did so. I also got a foundation match at Estee Lauder. Both of these brands have foundations that are newly released/soon to be released so they are doing free consultations to anyone that wants them! GRAB THIS CHANCE LADIES! I came away with some samples that will last me at least two weeks and they managed to match to my skin perfectly. At bareMinerals I was given a HUGE sample of their cleanser which has now become a major part o my skincare routine! I visited the ladies at Chanel and Guerlin and picked up a couple bits there and last but not least I visited Clarins and MAC to thank them for their help on the last freebie haul.

After wandering through the mall I cam across an M+S stand which had the brands Dr Renaud, Nuxe and Apivita demonstrations - all brands that I had never heard of yet they have some fantastic products. The lady at Nuxe, in particular, was very informative and had such a lovely french accent! I also bagged a hand massage from Amy at M+S using the Apivita products - thanks Amy!
Next to all of this was one of my favourite stands of the night - the Sampar Paris stand. Again, I had never heard of their products but I came away in awe. The lady tested the products on my skin and then gave me some samples to take away. I was (and still am) particularly impressed by the Equilizing Foam Peel. I had it tested on my hand to save taking of my make up and it took away all the dead skin and products from my hand leaving it very refreshed and smooth. I was given a sample of this and told to use it once a week which I have been doing and I have a separate blog post lined up based solely on how much I love this product and recommend it for all of you!

Boots were on form on the night too. They had consultations and makeovers going on here, there and everywhere and a giveaway going on too. Although I didn't come away with the giveaway prize (sad face) the ladies at Boots did give me plenty to come away with including samples form Benefit and Biotherm. Lucy at Biotherm was so lovely and she explained how all the products work so well! I can't wait to try them. 

No, my absolute favourite experience from the night was that I had in L'Occitane. I mean, L'Occitane is amazing on the best of days, but it was even better at the Girls' Night In. I had a lovely hand massage with the most beautiful smelling products and I think the staff there were most keen to get involved with the blogging as they gave me a huge amount of samples and invited me to a product release event they have coming up. The lady that massaged my hands was one of the nicest people I've ever met and the massages were going on throughout the night. I'm sure that I wasn't the only one who came away form that shop wishing I was a little bit more like the hand-massaging lady. 

House of Fraser also had plenty going on! I was really really happy with my experience in there actually. The sales assistant at Kiehl's was great and she tested my skin type against an oil chart and tailored all my samples towards the results from that (see my vlog for a little snippet!). Bobbi Brown were lovely too and my two favourite products from the day are from them actually!

My favourite bit of the day was obviously meeting and interviewing Lydia Bright. She really is as nice as she is on TV and I feel so lucky to have met her! The night in general was fantastic and there was so much to experience - both for a blogger and a customer. I think Meadowhall should be very pleased with themselves as it was such a fantastic evening and I think that all the ladies who attended will agree.

Thanks to MK Things Happen for inviting me along and to Meadowhall for hosting such a brilliant event! 

Lots of love, lovelies
Steph xx

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