July 30, 2013

GUEST POST: What To Wear To The Airport

Hi guys! I am Estelle from letmegoxo.blogspot.co.uk and I will be guest posting while the lovely Steph is away on holiday! Today I am showing you What I would wear to the airport! As we all know holiday season is upon us and we all sometimes get stuck about what to wear!

Jumpsuit - Boohoo, Bag - New Look, Shoes - New Look
Wear something comfy! No matter how long or short your flight is, you will be annoyed with yourself if you wore those tight shorts which are uncomfortable to sit down in! I love wearing jumpsuits when I travel as they’re super comfortable and you can move easily in them.

Shoes - New Look
Think about shoes that are easy to take on and off. You might have to take them off at security or you might get so uncomfortable on the plane you take them off and put flight socks on! Wear something easy and comfortable! There will be a lot of waiting around.

Don’t wear any big costume jewellery, it will most likely go off at the metal detectors and you will be standing there holding everybody up! It also could get broken with the pushing in and out of people!

Think about what the weather will be like when you land! If you’re going to a hot country don’t wear a thick woolly jumper and if you’re going skiing etc, don’t wear a pair of shorts and a crop top! 

Jumpsuit - Boohoo, Bag - River Island
I always like to take my hand luggage bag and then in that a small clutch/shoulder bag. They’re perfect for when you want to have your phone, money and boarding pass on you when you’re walking around duty free and you don’t want to carry your big hand luggage bag!

So that’s it for me today, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday if you’re going away! Thankyou to the lovely Steph for having me on her lovely blog and don’t forget to check out my blog where I will be interviewing Steph and her inside voice!

What do you wear to the airport?
Estelle x

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