July 16, 2013

Eyeko Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner

I'm always one for a good freebie so when I saw this Eyeko Liquid Eyeliner in Marie Claire for a bargain £2.50 I was quick to buy it, particularly as my liquid eyeliner ran out last month.

As freebies go, this is a really good one, but as liquid eyeliners go I'm only a little impressed. The packaging is cute and sophisticated and the lid clicks on very well. What I like about this eyeliner is the fact that it is a pen. I HATE the dipping-brush liquid eyeliners you can get as you have to pay so much attention to where you're applying the product and I find that I need to do so many touch ups...they crack too. This eyeliner has a felt tip applicator. It is reasonably soft but it still requires a bit of effort to create a shape with. But with some care and attention you can easily get a nice straight line.

It's pigmentation is reasonable and it requires a few coats to build up a good layer of black. However, once it's on it's on. This liner doesn't shift. I would say it is near enough waterproof even though it isn't advertised to be. This is a massive positive as it has an epic wear time but to take it off with a plain old face wipe is a bit of a faff! I think that it is worth the hassle though.

Now I'm going to sound like a muppet when I say this, but even taking in all the negatives I've found this eyeliner to have...I like it. I paid £2.50 for it and with that I got a great magazine too. I don't mind building it up to get a thick, dark colour and it stays on for ages. How can I complain when it is so cheap? It is nothing compared to my Maybelline Master Precise Liner but I have never ever found anything better than that so to think it could possibly be better would be a bit of a long shot.

Overall, it's alright. I wouldn't buy it outright at it's RRP of £8 but for £2.50 I would buy it again! So grab your Marie Claire mags now ladies!

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