July 28, 2013

Dotty Nails avec Yves Rocher

When in France it is critical to buy new beauty products. End of. Simple as that. So when visiting a little town about an hour away from where I am staying I obviously visited every "pharmacie" and beauty "institut" that I could possibly find. When I came across a shop full of Yves Rocher I was over the moon. It's bargain beauty at its' finest. The packaging is, to be quite honest, dull, but you can;t fault the products to say how cheap they are. I see it as a Collection/Natural Collection/17 french equivalent. 

I was immediately drawn to the nail polishes as they had a massive sign alongside them saying "1€95" - first bargain spotted. This came as no surprise to my boyfriend as he knows how much of a nail polish addict I am. Next to the polish collection they also had a dotting tool on sale and they had sampled some dotting designs too. I didn't actually own a dotting tool until I saw this one (SHOCK! HORROR!) and seeing as it was only 3€95 it went straight into my basket so that I could recreate some of the in-store designs. 

I chose two polishes, a bright pink and a pastel yellow. The exact shades are "Rose joyeux" and "Jaune lumineux". If anyone can translate those directly then it would be much appreciated! (I don't trust Google Translate and don't want to look silly...sorry, Google). 

The polish consistency is actually perfect and they are thick enough to only need a couple coats! Their drying time is reasonably. Better than average but not as quick as my favourite brands including essie and BarryM. My only disappointment with this products is that you only get 3ml in a bottle - way below average, right?! For about 2€ I guess that isn't too bad but still...not fantastic is it? 

The dotter is easy to use and is stainless steel so it cleans up just as well as your nails do with a decent remover. I struggled to get my dots an equal size at first (if you have a keen eye you will be able to tell in the photo...) but I realised that the technique is all about using the dotter at the same, vertical angle each time. Do it on an angle and you just get a dodgy oval shape.

I'm really impressed with my Yves Rocher products and as I fly over to Geneva next week I'm definitely going to look out for more of their products at the airport. They have an epic skincare range that I am very keen to try!

Have you ever tried Yves Rocher? What are your favourite brands to stock up on whilst you're abroad? If you've ever tried dotty nails or know of a brilliant technique to perfect dots...tweet me at @stephsvoice and I will no doubt reply in minutes!

Stock up on Yves Rocher here!


  1. I love Yves Rocher, they make my fave body moisturiser ever (the yellow one), never tried any makeupy or nail varnish bits though. Will have to check them out :)

    Kayleigh x

    1. Ooh how much is it?! I love a good moisturiser as the skin on my legs is so dry! Definitely do, they're nail polish colours are so bright.


  2. awww i love the design! So cute and summery (:

  3. Love your blog! Followed :)

    Check out my blog: therunwaylocket.blospot.co.uk

    1. Thank you lovely! Will check yours out now :) xx

  4. jaune lumineux means bright yellow
    rose joyeux means happy pink


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