July 30, 2013

GUEST POST: What To Wear To The Airport

Hi guys! I am Estelle from letmegoxo.blogspot.co.uk and I will be guest posting while the lovely Steph is away on holiday! Today I am showing you What I would wear to the airport! As we all know holiday season is upon us and we all sometimes get stuck about what to wear!

Jumpsuit - Boohoo, Bag - New Look, Shoes - New Look
Wear something comfy! No matter how long or short your flight is, you will be annoyed with yourself if you wore those tight shorts which are uncomfortable to sit down in! I love wearing jumpsuits when I travel as they’re super comfortable and you can move easily in them.

Shoes - New Look
Think about shoes that are easy to take on and off. You might have to take them off at security or you might get so uncomfortable on the plane you take them off and put flight socks on! Wear something easy and comfortable! There will be a lot of waiting around.

Don’t wear any big costume jewellery, it will most likely go off at the metal detectors and you will be standing there holding everybody up! It also could get broken with the pushing in and out of people!

Think about what the weather will be like when you land! If you’re going to a hot country don’t wear a thick woolly jumper and if you’re going skiing etc, don’t wear a pair of shorts and a crop top! 

Jumpsuit - Boohoo, Bag - River Island
I always like to take my hand luggage bag and then in that a small clutch/shoulder bag. They’re perfect for when you want to have your phone, money and boarding pass on you when you’re walking around duty free and you don’t want to carry your big hand luggage bag!

So that’s it for me today, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday if you’re going away! Thankyou to the lovely Steph for having me on her lovely blog and don’t forget to check out my blog where I will be interviewing Steph and her inside voice!

What do you wear to the airport?
Estelle x

July 28, 2013

Dotty Nails avec Yves Rocher

When in France it is critical to buy new beauty products. End of. Simple as that. So when visiting a little town about an hour away from where I am staying I obviously visited every "pharmacie" and beauty "institut" that I could possibly find. When I came across a shop full of Yves Rocher I was over the moon. It's bargain beauty at its' finest. The packaging is, to be quite honest, dull, but you can;t fault the products to say how cheap they are. I see it as a Collection/Natural Collection/17 french equivalent. 

I was immediately drawn to the nail polishes as they had a massive sign alongside them saying "1€95" - first bargain spotted. This came as no surprise to my boyfriend as he knows how much of a nail polish addict I am. Next to the polish collection they also had a dotting tool on sale and they had sampled some dotting designs too. I didn't actually own a dotting tool until I saw this one (SHOCK! HORROR!) and seeing as it was only 3€95 it went straight into my basket so that I could recreate some of the in-store designs. 

I chose two polishes, a bright pink and a pastel yellow. The exact shades are "Rose joyeux" and "Jaune lumineux". If anyone can translate those directly then it would be much appreciated! (I don't trust Google Translate and don't want to look silly...sorry, Google). 

The polish consistency is actually perfect and they are thick enough to only need a couple coats! Their drying time is reasonably. Better than average but not as quick as my favourite brands including essie and BarryM. My only disappointment with this products is that you only get 3ml in a bottle - way below average, right?! For about 2€ I guess that isn't too bad but still...not fantastic is it? 

The dotter is easy to use and is stainless steel so it cleans up just as well as your nails do with a decent remover. I struggled to get my dots an equal size at first (if you have a keen eye you will be able to tell in the photo...) but I realised that the technique is all about using the dotter at the same, vertical angle each time. Do it on an angle and you just get a dodgy oval shape.

I'm really impressed with my Yves Rocher products and as I fly over to Geneva next week I'm definitely going to look out for more of their products at the airport. They have an epic skincare range that I am very keen to try!

Have you ever tried Yves Rocher? What are your favourite brands to stock up on whilst you're abroad? If you've ever tried dotty nails or know of a brilliant technique to perfect dots...tweet me at @stephsvoice and I will no doubt reply in minutes!

Stock up on Yves Rocher here!

July 26, 2013

My Student Loan Wishlist...

Now I'm calling this my Student Loan Wishlist because that's when I'll next be in the money! However - I do need my loan to survive in Leeds so in reality I will only buy a couple of these and the rest will go straight onto the christmas list. 

If you look back on my blog you will see that I reviewed this foundation as I was given a 7 day trial of it at the Meadowhall Girls Night In. It's safe to say that the sample has left me wanting more and I will be very sad when my little pot runs out! It's so sheer and light and the shade I was given is perfect for my skin tone. It gives a really pretty look and I am desperate for the full size!

I saw that a beauty blogger had made it to the Daily Mail reviewing this product and she was fair skinned like myself and it had made such a gorgeous difference. It looked like it covered so well and was streak free. I have actually asked my mum to pick this up for me if she sees it whilst I am away, and if she doesn't get it I might cave and order it online. I love a good fake tan to make me look a little less ghostly.

I'm just intrigued by this so i really want to try it. A spray on moisturiser! How cool!?

I got a sample of this with a purchase I made at Sephora like 3 years ago and it worked so well. Back then, I didn't care for BB Creams as I had the No7 Tinted Moisturiser which did the trick for me coverage-wise. However I realised that that didn't do many favours for my skin oil-wise and moved onto BB Creams when they peaked in the UK. I've tried a few but none were as good as my skin felt with this one on it. I didn't even realise it was sold here until I became a beauty blogger! So this is definitely something I hope to have in my grasp soon!

The Holy Grail of topcoats...so I've heard! I'm very loyal to the nailsinc. topcoats but so many of you have recommended me this that I am going to have to buy it and see what the fuss is about!

What's on your wishlist? Have you tried any of the products on mine?

Do let me know, I love reading your comments and seeing that people are reading :)

Lots of love,
Steph xx

July 24, 2013

VO5 Give Me Texture Instant Oomph Powder

After purchasing VO5's hair oil earlier this year (review can be found here) I looked into their styling products even more and came across this little bottle called "Give Me Texture". This products is essentially an "Oomph Powder" that adds volume to dull roots. I thought I would share my thoughts on this seeing as its not your average hair styling product.

The packaging is boring. It's a plain pink bottle with a translucent, screw top lid. It's really flimsy plastic too...weird for one of the more up-market high street brands. 

You are provided with 7g of a powdery white product. The bottle doesn't look full unless its shaken up - I think this shows the idea of the product - it volumizes roots when they're tousled with. If you pour a teeny bit of product onto the back of your hand and rub it in you get a weird feeling, one I can't quite describe. It leaves your hand looking really matte and  your fingers don't rub over it smoothly, they sort of jump across. However it is in no way sticky or greasy. 

When I applied this product to my hair...I had to wash it out straight after. It adds volume, but doesn't leave you with a very nice feel to your hair. It leaves it "bunged up" and hard to move. It's a feeling similar to when you don't wash out all the conditioner or mousse from you hair - generally wrong. 

I'm sure that some people won't find this an issue but personally I hate the feeling of my hair being clogged with product. It does give you some volume but I think the horrible feeling your left with outweighs the products benefits. I wish I didn't feel this way as I think it's a fantastic idea! 

You can buy it here for £4.19. Have you ever tried this product? What do you think to VO5's styling range? Can you recommend any other root boosters?

July 22, 2013

Ciaté Chalkboard Manicure

I've always been a fan of making my nails matte with a top coat but I didn't realise that ciaté actually made a matte black polish, let alone that it was chalkboard-effect! So when my parents brought me this back from London I was ridiculously excited! 

This product is so fun and even though its black it feels summery because of all the different things you can draw with it! Within the set you get the matte black polish, four chalk pens (colours with names pictured), a matte topcoat and a "how-to" book. 

I wanted to keep my finger nails super summery and pink so I painted my toe nails with this set. Luckily my toe nails are pretty big so its effect is still shown off nicely. 

The black polish is really smooth to apply but I found that when polish had been on the brush a little while it got more sticky - a bit like how crackle top coats do - but this wasn't an issue if you kept dipping the brush into the pot to get more product. It needed two coats to build up to what I thought was a proper chalkboard standard but it dried super quick. 


The chalkboard pens are fantastic. They need some dabbing before any colour comes out of the nib but I expected this. The colours are really vibrant and pretty. You get four; white, yellow, pink and blue. Personally the blue is my favourite as it is just so bright! They glide onto the matte black and don't drag it at all and there is no issue with having to dab again to get more colour out.

I actually gave the pens to my boyfriend and mum to try them out on a few of my toes and most toes went well, but one was a disaster (one of my boyfriend's obviously...) so I thought it would be a good opportunity to attempt at removing the colour i.e. wiping the chalk away. Ciaté say that it will be removed with water on a cotton pad but I have to admit this is really difficult to achieve. I don't know if it was the temperature of the water or what, it just didn't work! 

Overall though, £25 for such a great idea and brand isn't half bad. Great for gifts or a little treat for yourselves. 

You can buy it from selfridges here 

Lots of love, lovelies. 
Steph xx

July 19, 2013

My Current Skincare Saviours

I didn't realise how much I relied on my skincare products until I forgot to take a few of them on holiday and my skin felt horrible. I used to only use wipes, exfoliator and moisturiser on my face but over the past couple of years this has dramatically changed.

My current skincare routine involves wipes,  an in shower cleansers, a cream cleanser, a toner, two serums, a moisturiser and an illuminator. Now the Summer is properly here I haven't been wearing my full face of make up every day. Instead I've been using this set of products to keep my face moisturised, radiant and glowing throughout the day. I use the majority of these products underneath my make up anyway but without it they still give my skin a healthy look.

As I've mentioned before, my skin is a tad oily so I use the Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes (Gosh! What a mouthful!). They claim to revive, tone and remove make up. All of which they achieve. If I was having a lazy day and didn't want anything at all on my face, I would be comfortable with how I looked having only used these wipes to remove my make up and refesh my skin. They are a little damper than other face wipes I've tried but I don't mind that because they are in no way oily or greasy and my skin dries within minutes.

In the shower I use bareMinerals Naturally Luminous Purifying Facial Cleanser. This was given to me by bareMinerals at Meadowhall and it's a generously sized sample at 60ml. It makes the bold statement of "This changes everything". bM says that it is a creamy, deep cleansing product which shows off your naturally luminous complexion. Apparently it is hydrating and will not dry out your skin - actually no - it will "never dry" your skin out. Now, this cleanser does achieve half of what it promises, and luckily I have other products to achieve the things it doesn't quite manage to do. This cleanser is highly average. It isn't creamy and it barely foams when you apply it. It's just a standard in-shower cleanser! It doesn't necessarily leave my skin dry but at the same time it doesn't hydrate me or leave me feeling luminous! It literally just cleanses. I don't mind this luckily, because quite frankly, it was free and I haven't wasted any money. However, if you were buying this at it's £15 price tag...I reckon you'd be a bit gutted. I bet you're now thinking "Why are you still using it then?!" and the answer is...I was something to get rid of my skin's impurities and this does manage that. I don't need it to make me luminous or hydrate me because I have my moisturisers and illuminators for that!

Out of the shower I still cleanse and tone. I use the No7 Soft & Soothed Gentle Cleanser and Toner and they are perfect. The cleanser is very lotion like and you are advised to apply it with a cotton pad and wash it away with warm water. I apply this with a cotton pad and use just enough to almost rub it in. I then use a few splashes of the the toner on a cotton pad to remove any cleanser and final traces of make up. These two are the sort of products that you use on what you think is clear, clean skin only to find a dirt riddled cotton pad afterwards! They're incredible. I don't think I will ever splash out on expensive cleansers and toners ever again after having used these. At only £8.00 for 200ml you can't go wrong. They are fragrance free too! :) I can't recommend a pair of products more! (The packaging has changed slightly since I got these products...Ive had them a year and as you can see with the toner..I've barely used any!)

It's all about serums for me at the minute! I've literally been using them for two weeks and I'm already a sucker for them. For my face I use the Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Serum (of which you can find a review of here) and for my under eye area I have been using my sample of YSL's Forever Youth Liberator Serum. They are both really light and work at keeping your skin young looking. I'm sure I would see better results were my skin a little older than 19 but they still do an amazing job!

As a moisturiser I've been using Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream. I have a 7ml sample and I will be devastated when it runs out! Luckily you don't need much though which is a good thing. It doesn't really have a fragrance to it...it is just a white, light cream that goes really far. It is another one of BB's products that does exactly what it says on the tin. No oiliness. No greasiness. Just hydration. It works well as a primer too! Dream moisturiser if you ask me!

I recently had a product clear out which is when I retrieved my St. Tropez Skin Illuminator and I have fallen in love with it all over again. I have it in two shades, violet and gold, and pictured here is the violet. I got this product literally the week before they released the full range so this is its old packaging. It didn't even have a proper name back then so that is why the packaging looks so weird. However they obviously couldn't think of a better name for it as it's current name is the same name labelled on this product. It is basically a cream that gives the skin an iridescent blue tone (taken straight from the tube but it is true!). I apply it on my cheekbones, leading up to my brow bones and a little on my nose and jaw bones. It gives a lovely look whether applied without make up or on top of foundation. Really pretty for summer!

What do you use to keep your skin in tip top condition? I'm always looking for new things to try :)

Lots of love,
Steph xx

Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Serum

Now I'm not one for serums. I never have been! I don't even have a reason why, they just haven't ever been a part of my skincare routine. I was handed this product to try by Laura at Bobbi Brown, Sheffield and now I am wondering why I didn't use serums before!

After seeing friends' serums and using hair serums...My idea of them is the sort of consistency of a primer - usually clear or translucent with a bit of a gel like consistency. But this really did change my opinion. This serum has a milky colour and it is very thin and it is somewhat lotion like. It claims to moisturise and firm the skin and I can confirm after two weeks of use that it does so perfectly. 

I apply it before my moisturiser after cleansing and toning and I really feel like it prepares my skin for any make up etc and it really does repair any imperfections. I have extreme combination skin at the minute but this serum cancels out the vast majority of its' issues! You only need just over a pump to cover your whole face so a little goes an extremely long way! This sample will last me ages! I've noticed a real difference in my skin.

It is extremely pricey at £62.50 for 30ml but it does exactly what it says on the tin and it is not often you get a product like that! 

July 17, 2013

YSL Babydoll Mascara

Move over MAC Opulash Optimum Black! I have a new favourite! My mum bought some perfumes from Debenhams the other day and got their essential beauty miniatures travel kit free! Mum isn't a miniatures fan so she gave me most of the things that were in there. This mascara being one of them. I had seen it being advertised as I am a pretty big Cara D fan but I tend to buy cheaper mascaras generally and the MAC one was a mascara adventure for me so I had never considered buying this until now.

This mascara is actually insane. It defines lashes so so well and it's super easy to reach all the tiny lashes that are often a struggle to reach. It doesn't get a gathering of product at the end of the brush, nor does it clump. It glides onto your eyelashes and separates them perfectly. The applicator is plastic but it is much softer than others I have tried, including Benefit's They're Real. The bristles are so teeny - I don't quite understand how it works so well. Yet it does. It doesn't flake or smudge off but it's still easy to remove with a make up wipe.

I am in love with this mascara and tomorrow I am heading straight to House Of Fraser to buy the full size version for £24.50. I think it will be worth every penny. It's like wearing false lashes!

If you like the look of it then you can buy it at http://www.yslbeauty.co.uk/make-up/colour-collections/baby-doll/baby-doll-mascara.aspx

Lots of love
Steph xx

July 16, 2013

Eyeko Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner

I'm always one for a good freebie so when I saw this Eyeko Liquid Eyeliner in Marie Claire for a bargain £2.50 I was quick to buy it, particularly as my liquid eyeliner ran out last month.

As freebies go, this is a really good one, but as liquid eyeliners go I'm only a little impressed. The packaging is cute and sophisticated and the lid clicks on very well. What I like about this eyeliner is the fact that it is a pen. I HATE the dipping-brush liquid eyeliners you can get as you have to pay so much attention to where you're applying the product and I find that I need to do so many touch ups...they crack too. This eyeliner has a felt tip applicator. It is reasonably soft but it still requires a bit of effort to create a shape with. But with some care and attention you can easily get a nice straight line.

It's pigmentation is reasonable and it requires a few coats to build up a good layer of black. However, once it's on it's on. This liner doesn't shift. I would say it is near enough waterproof even though it isn't advertised to be. This is a massive positive as it has an epic wear time but to take it off with a plain old face wipe is a bit of a faff! I think that it is worth the hassle though.

Now I'm going to sound like a muppet when I say this, but even taking in all the negatives I've found this eyeliner to have...I like it. I paid £2.50 for it and with that I got a great magazine too. I don't mind building it up to get a thick, dark colour and it stays on for ages. How can I complain when it is so cheap? It is nothing compared to my Maybelline Master Precise Liner but I have never ever found anything better than that so to think it could possibly be better would be a bit of a long shot.

Overall, it's alright. I wouldn't buy it outright at it's RRP of £8 but for £2.50 I would buy it again! So grab your Marie Claire mags now ladies!

July 15, 2013

Liebster Award Nominations

I hadn't even heard of the Liebster Awards until recently and I just think that they are such a cute idea for us bloggers just starting out! I was nominated by Red at http://littlered26.wordpress.com, a fellow redhead and a gorgeous one at that! Here are her questions for me:

Cat, Dog or Other Pet?
Dog - I have two cocker spaniels and I love them to pieces.
If you had to choose would you rather be blind or deaf?
Very difficult...but deaf - so many sights to be appreciated in this World!
What life motto do you live by?
Keep your heart strong.
Do you prefer reading fiction or non-fiction?
Fiction. I like to read something and then if I'm disappointed with the ending, have the ability to think - "It's not real anyway!"
What’s your go to skin care routine?
Sampar Paris Equilizing Foam Peel, Boots No7 Cleanser and Toner, St. Tropez Naturals for face.
Chocolate or Vanilla?
Describe your personality in 3 words?
Loud. Reasonable. Happy.
What’s your chinese zodiac sign and does it describe you well?
Rooster. Down to a TEEEEEE! 
Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate?
Hot Chocolate.
Now I have read that there are to be no tag backs - so here are some lovely Bloggers I will be nominating and please find my questions for you, below!
Favourite moisturiser ever?
Summer or Winter?
Long or short hair?
What made you start blogging?
Who is your celebrity idol?
Favourite chocolate bar?
The best place you've ever eaten out...ever?
Favourite song at the minute?
Favourite ever lyric and the song it is from?
Dream place to live?
Where do you want to be in 10 years time?
Can't wait to see your answers - please do link me up! :)

YSL Le Teint Touché Éclat Foundation

So I am usually not one to believe in highly priced products as in the past I have been majorly let down but I'm starting to brush off that attitude after my free sample haul.

This sample was given to me at the Meadowhall Girls Night In and it's their most popular foundation. It's described to be illuminating and light to highlight the contours of the face without containing any opaque powders. I think that lack of powder is a really good quality for a foundation as it means it genuinely is lighter. I hate the heavy, mask-like feeling you get from some foundations and it just makes me feel like my pores are clogging and I am giving myself spots! Although, I'm often a sucker if the coverage is decent.

This foundation, however, has been coverage as well as that light feeling so it gets a big thumbs up from me. It smells really fresh too. I wore this foundation to a day festival and it moved a little in areas where I got most sweaty (top of forehead and on my nose underneath my sunglasses) but generally it stayed on pretty well. A little shine did come through but it isn't described as a matte foundation so I don't think I can complain about that. 

I was given in in Shade B50 - I like my foundation a little warmer than my skin tone due to fake tan so it is perfect for me. At £28.00 I think - yes, it's expensive - but it's very good compared to other high end foundations I have tried. 

Thank you to YSL at Debenhams, Meadowhall :) And if any of you ladies want a 7 day trial just head over to your local YSL counter and ask away!

Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation

I asked for a warmer shade than my skin tone and I am tanless here so you can see it's coverage quite well. I can;t get over how light this foundation feels on my skin. 

July 11, 2013

Meadowhall Girls Night In Full Review

I couldn't quite believe it when I got the invitation from Charlotte at MK Things Happen to blog about their Girls' Night In event as I haven't been blogging very long at all - 4 weeks today actually! But obviously I jumped at the chance as I knew what a great opportunity had been presented to me! I thought I would make this blog post a review of my general experience that most of you could have had! But I will obviously throw in some bits of pieces on how I got some more samples and treatments.

To sum up the Girls' Night In it was an event organised at Meadowhall with discounts and offers galore! It was in fact a bit like a Student Lock In - only for girls of all ages. You had to register online and present a copy of your email at one of the desks to receive a pink wristband that let you make use of all the lovely offers. As well as the shops that were always at Meadowhall having offers on, there were lots of little pop up stalls, from a Race For Life Sign Up stand to Lydia Bright's Bella Sorella boutique!

There was little bits and bobs going on throughout the night. There was a "How To Walk In Heels" catwalk show and a Fashion Show in Debenhams. Gary Cockerill, celebrity make up artist was showing off some of his skills and there were also demonstrations from Illamasqua and others. You could get manicures throughout the mall - Lipsy were even doing in-store manicures - and there was a lady doing manicures using Leighton Denny products too. I would have made use of this were I not a manicure snob haha!

In Debenhams, Boots and House of Fraser there were numerous consultations, both skincare and beauty - a few of which I made use of. At every beauty/skincare counter I visited I explained who I was and what I was there for and everyone I spoke to was so keen to get involved!

I was given some St Tropez samples and loooooads of Philosphy samples (and a bag!!) when I first got to Debenhams and the two ladies I spoke to were so kind. They gave me information on who to contact for more help with samples and events for my blog and just generally gave me so much - both sample and information-wise - to take away with me! The lady at YSL was also really kind. She gave me a foundation match consultation and gave me other samples, explaining to me how they worked as she did so. I also got a foundation match at Estee Lauder. Both of these brands have foundations that are newly released/soon to be released so they are doing free consultations to anyone that wants them! GRAB THIS CHANCE LADIES! I came away with some samples that will last me at least two weeks and they managed to match to my skin perfectly. At bareMinerals I was given a HUGE sample of their cleanser which has now become a major part o my skincare routine! I visited the ladies at Chanel and Guerlin and picked up a couple bits there and last but not least I visited Clarins and MAC to thank them for their help on the last freebie haul.

After wandering through the mall I cam across an M+S stand which had the brands Dr Renaud, Nuxe and Apivita demonstrations - all brands that I had never heard of yet they have some fantastic products. The lady at Nuxe, in particular, was very informative and had such a lovely french accent! I also bagged a hand massage from Amy at M+S using the Apivita products - thanks Amy!
Next to all of this was one of my favourite stands of the night - the Sampar Paris stand. Again, I had never heard of their products but I came away in awe. The lady tested the products on my skin and then gave me some samples to take away. I was (and still am) particularly impressed by the Equilizing Foam Peel. I had it tested on my hand to save taking of my make up and it took away all the dead skin and products from my hand leaving it very refreshed and smooth. I was given a sample of this and told to use it once a week which I have been doing and I have a separate blog post lined up based solely on how much I love this product and recommend it for all of you!

Boots were on form on the night too. They had consultations and makeovers going on here, there and everywhere and a giveaway going on too. Although I didn't come away with the giveaway prize (sad face) the ladies at Boots did give me plenty to come away with including samples form Benefit and Biotherm. Lucy at Biotherm was so lovely and she explained how all the products work so well! I can't wait to try them. 

No, my absolute favourite experience from the night was that I had in L'Occitane. I mean, L'Occitane is amazing on the best of days, but it was even better at the Girls' Night In. I had a lovely hand massage with the most beautiful smelling products and I think the staff there were most keen to get involved with the blogging as they gave me a huge amount of samples and invited me to a product release event they have coming up. The lady that massaged my hands was one of the nicest people I've ever met and the massages were going on throughout the night. I'm sure that I wasn't the only one who came away form that shop wishing I was a little bit more like the hand-massaging lady. 

House of Fraser also had plenty going on! I was really really happy with my experience in there actually. The sales assistant at Kiehl's was great and she tested my skin type against an oil chart and tailored all my samples towards the results from that (see my vlog for a little snippet!). Bobbi Brown were lovely too and my two favourite products from the day are from them actually!

My favourite bit of the day was obviously meeting and interviewing Lydia Bright. She really is as nice as she is on TV and I feel so lucky to have met her! The night in general was fantastic and there was so much to experience - both for a blogger and a customer. I think Meadowhall should be very pleased with themselves as it was such a fantastic evening and I think that all the ladies who attended will agree.

Thanks to MK Things Happen for inviting me along and to Meadowhall for hosting such a brilliant event! 

Lots of love, lovelies
Steph xx

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July 07, 2013

MUA Lipstick in Nectar


I've heard some good reviews about the MUA lipsticks but I've not quite believed them as I didn't think that something priced at only £1 could be so good. I so wish that I had gone into Superdrug and purchased this sooner! 

I bought a new ring with a coral stud in it so I wanted a lipstick to match without spending so much. I went for MUA because I thought that if it was rubbish and I hated it I had only paid £1. I am so glad that I bought it. It's brilliant. 

It has such good pigmentation and you literally need about one sweep across the lips to cover them fully. Their wear time isn't fantastic but they last about an hour before a little touch up is required, but for £1 that is beyond amazing. The colour is so bright and pretty and VERY coral! It is perfect.

Cute little lipstick pot at the bottom of the lipstick!

I plan on going and buying many more of these lipsticks! Thanks MUA for not letting me down - at all! 

VLOG: Meadowhall Girls' Night In

Now you can all hear my actual voice! It was such a privilege to be invited to the event. Thank you so much to MK Things Happen for getting me involved.


Lots of love, lovelies!

Steph xx

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July 03, 2013

My Very Exciting News!

After my freebie haul at Meadowhall - Sheffield, I emailed their careline to thank their Beauty Staff for their kindness and helpfulness and along with that I gave them my blog details and said that I would be happy to review or blog about anything in the future that they wished me to. I also wished them luck with their Girls Night In event on the 4th July. 

I was out for lunch with friends earlier in the week and I received what I think was possibly the best email ever. Meadowhall had passed on my details onto a Sheffield PR company who had then invited me to blog about the event, and the most exciting thing....they invited me to INTERVIEW LYDIA BRIGHT - former towie star and owner of Bella Sorella! 

So tomorrow I will be heading off to Meadowhall for a girly evening! I can't wait. I am also hoping to make my first ever Vlog whilst I am there and get a YouTube channel going too! Now to plan my make up, hair and make up..oh and obviously nails! 

Wish me luck my lovelies!! 

Steph xx

All smiles today!

July 02, 2013

NOTD - Nails Of The Days!

Yesterday I bought Heat Mag for the first time in ages and as I was flicking through I saw a page on white nails being on trend. This wasn't news to me but I think that finding alternative ways to wear white nails is somewhat tricky. However when I saw this design I was pretty keen to try it!

I used BarryM's Matte White and their Nail Art Pen in Black and for the flowers themselves I used a collection of reds and pinks - any will do really.

I don't really like this look on myself. I liked it (and still do!) on the nail in the magazine but on me it just looked like dots... I reckon it's got a lot to do with the fact that I file my nails into square tips so a gradient of roses couldn't be built up! It's a really easy yet effective design to try though and I hope that this post inspires you to try it out.

I fancied something long-lasting and girly for the next few days so this was an obvious combination. I went with the gradient glitter effect but with silver this time (ooh!), BarryM Diamond Glitter and I used my free Special Edition BarryM nail polish - which appears to be nameless although I've pictured it and it's like a really girly neon pink! As a base and top coat I used my nailsinc. Kensington Caviar duo.

I applied two coats of the pink and then I just built up the glitter as much as I felt necessary. I think I applied three coats to my cuticle area in the end.

BarryM Matte White and Diamond Glitter can be found at http://www.barrym.com

I love trying out new nail designs so please send me your NOTDs - would love to see them!