June 18, 2013

St. Tropez Naturals Collection

I only ever treat myself to a high end self tan if I come into more money than usual/I am on a mega spree. But for this collection they were so highly discounted at the Debenhams blue cross sale that I just bought them anyway! I first picked up the Self Tan Milk for around £11, then went back a couple weeks later to find the Lotion at £7.60 and the Face Cream at £6.70. To buy these at full price, the Milk and Lotion are £26 and the Face Cream £21. So I saved over £45...woowoo.

The Naturals range is made of natural products, surprise surprise. It contains Vegetan which is a natural tanning agent. It makes the range suitable for usually sensitive skin without compromising the colour you obtain. I would agree with this...sort of. The colour you obtain is not orange, nor streaky. However I have used St. Tropez before and the colour result I got from this tan was not half as dark. In my case, this isn't a terribly bad thing as I am a fair skinned redhead so anything too dark just looks ridiculously fake. It definitely would let you down if you were looking for something noticeable though. It can obviously be built up but to reach the same colour as your average St. Tropez self tan you'd need a few more days use. A great thing about this range is that they don't smell of biscuits!!

My favourite product out of the three is the Face Cream. It doesn't give you too much colour, just enough, I'd say. It smells a little like lavender and it has a slight shimmer to it. It works fantastically as a primer too - I have recently switched from my Rimmel primer to this. It both moisturises and tans slightly. The moisturisation of the product can;t be faulted. A little really does go a long way with this and the tub is 50ml - I've barely used any and have been used it for nearly two months. It's formulation reminds me of Benefit Girl Meets Pearl, only a little thinner with a more wearable amount of shimmer. As you can see, the tub of mine is dented - something I noticed before I bought it and didn't feel I could complain about seeing as it was already so discounted.

St. Tropez Naturals Self Tan - Face
My second favourite of the products is the lotion. It glides over the skin and sinks into it so quickly. You don;t get that horrible sticky feeling and a morning application isn't such an issue as it doesn't smell bad and doesn't stain clothes at all really (It does rub off a tiny bit on white underwear! Just a note!) It's formulation is somewhat thick but it spreads really easily. It reminds me of Fake Bake Fair only it smells better. It's really good for your skin too. As with the face cream, it moisturises really well. I've mainly noticed on my legs. They take the most damage due to constant shaving but this cream does tend to put them in a much better shape. The obtained colour is golden brown but it isn;t really that noticeable after only one application. I find that after two consecutive nights' application I achieve my desired colour.

St. Tropez Naturals Lotion
Now for the least favourite...the milk. It's rubbish! It's patchy for a start because it sinks in to the skin so quickly that you can't remember where you've put it and where you haven't. As a milk, it's too thin and it doesn't go far at all. I've done three full body applications and only have half a 200ml bottle left. The colour you get where you do see it's been applied is a lovely golden colour, but I don't trust this product as far as I can throw it. I took a big risk buying the other two in the collection after disliking this one so much but luckily it really did pay off!! Oh! Another thing! The pump on the bottle broke so I had to replace it with an old Hollister spray pump! Ridiculous! Thank heavens it was so cheap. 

St. Tropez Naturals Milk
So there's what I think to the Naturals Collection! Do let me know what you think to the products and if you find any bargains yourself!!

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  1. I got the gradual tan from boots I think it was a third off and its soo good for a really subtle tan.

    Hannah xx


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