June 07, 2013

REVIEW: VO5 Miracle Concentrate Elixir (Hair Oil)

WOW - one of my favourite products ever purchased!

I have pretty long red hair which is very thick! It doesn;t really have a style when it dries naturally, it is neither straight not wavy and it definitely isn't curly. It's a sort of in-between, so to get the best out of my hair I tend to blow dry it and use other heat products so it is open to all sorts of damage! Around february time, I was reading some online blogs and kept seeing "hair oil" popping up here, there and everywhere. I read that it was good at giving your hair a shine and lessening the damage caused my heat and over-styling. They are also good for leaving dry hair feeling much softer and concentrated! All due to the fact they contain Argan Oil.

I visited my local Superdrug store and there were soooo many, but I was on a tight budget so I went for what seemed to be the cheapest for a decent amount of product. I chose the VO5 Miracle Concentrate hair oil.

It comes in a little bottle with a little pipette in for getting the oil out of the bottle. It smells absolutely beautiful - really flowery but not so much so that it is overpowering. It is quite a thin oil but this I think that this makes it really lightweight on your hair. I squeeze a ten-pence-sized amount of oil onto one of my hairs and rub it through both of my palms. I then spread through my hair - avoiding roots - down the lengths and ends. You could probably get away with using less if you have shorter hair. In fact, this is something I recommend if you hair is a bit shorter because if you use too much it can make your hair pretty greasy. The oil, somehow, reduces drying time and it leaves your hair feeling so soft and shiny, even without straightening and only blow drying. These type of products are recommended to not be used too often but I use it whenever I plan on using styling tools on my hair, which is probably around 4 out of 5 cases!

It's a clever little product and 5 months on I have just under half a bottle. I'd say, considering how much I use it, that's pretty good going. Moroccan Oil on a budget!! You can buy it from Superdrug/Boots, both selling 50ml for a price of £5.19.

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