June 10, 2013

REVIEW: Rimmel Apocalips

These lip glosses were something that I always thought I should purchase but I didn't get round to actually doing so until a couple of weeks ago. I bought the colours "Celestial" and "Stellar". I did something that I never ever do and tried on Stellar - a bright/neon pink - using a tester in the shop (shock horror!! I put some product on my finger though before putting it on my lips - no way was I using the wand that others had already used - hygiene freak alert!) and basically the shop assistant told me I looked beautiful...so I bought it! I actually fell for her act!! But really, I wanted a gloss for the day time and for me, Stellar is not a day gloss. So I chose a more subtle rose colour, Celestial, for in the day time. 

Top - Celestial
Bottom - Stellar 
The tubes of gloss look so cool. They have what I can only describe as a diamond effect and the wand has a standard diagonal/doe foot shape for ease during application. The tubes are primarily black but fade out towards the bottom so that you can see the colour of the product! My only issue with the tube is that after a couple weeks of use the product has started to gather at the neck of the tube and when I screw the wand back in it has started making that "squelchly" sound which is never a good sign! I guess we will have to see how that one goes! 

The glosses are very pigmented and not too thick, so a good colour can be built up without having to use too much of the product. I guess that's why they are called lip lacquers! 

The wear time of the glosses is pretty reasonable. The colour stays on the lips for a very long time but to maintain the sheen you have to reapply quite frequently! I find that adding a bit of vaseline onto the lips when the gloss has gone but the colour remains does the trick - so you don't have to keep using loads of the product and wasting it when you already have enough colour! But each to their own :) 

I was very lucky and got them in Boots for £4.99 each! (RRP £5.99) You can grab them here or at Superdrug where they are currently £4.49 - ever cheaper!! Superdrug currently have a 3 for 2 offer on all Rimmel too!


  1. are these glosses particularly sticky at all? I really like the colours and don't usually go for glosses because I don't like how sticky they can be but I am very tempted by these?!? x

  2. I think that it depends how much you build them up. I don't find them that sticy but I am used to glosses like Buxom by bareMinerals or Sexy Mother Pucker by Soap and Glory. They are really good xx

  3. I will definitely give them a try as the colours look really nice on you and I suppose at £4.49 you can't go wrong. Thanks xx

    1. Thank you! They're great - let me know what you reckon to them! xx


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